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Clipping Coupons Made Easy With Milk

We all love coupons and discount vouchers, but clipping and keeping them is a headache. Digital coupons solve this problem quite professionally and so we all love to hear about any new coupon app.

From the house of the coupon code finder Honey, comes a new app Milk which helps you to save considerably at the grocery store. It is useful app which helps the customers to save on consumer packaged good purchases using coupons but eliminating the need to clip coupons from the newspapers. As of now Milk is available for download on iTunes but it will soon be launched on Google  Play.

This app is a great improvement over the traditional paper coupons as it transforms the coupons into a more mobile and usable format. There has been a sharp increase in the grocery rewards apps in the recent months.

The founders also vouch for the fact that out of out of billions of coupons that are distributed every year only a small fraction of them is redeemed due to traditional methods. Thus, Milk has got a great potential and can be quite useful app for customers.

milk app main image

Milk in their own words:

Milk is a great app which applies coupons for the customers when they are checking out at the grocery store and can help you save good money.

Why Milk is in Spotlight?

As customers are spending a good amount of time online each day it makes more sense to introduce coupons digitally. Using Milk, it becomes easy to acquire, manage as well as use grocery coupons.


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