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Clothing & Fashion Business Ideas

Clothing is evergreen industry which is not affected directly by recession even; i.e. people will never leave wearing clothes. A business in the clothing industry is a wise idea, however if you exclude the element of fashion you simply cannot do the business. This is why clothing and fashion go together.

Since, Clothing & Fashion go along, combining the both is not just a good idea for brainstorming for possible business ideas, but in fact understanding the connection of clothing and fashion lets you do a great business overall.


We have created a list of possible business ideas you may be interested in pursuing. Check out the big list, analyze your potentials and aptitude and decide what you have to do!

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1.            Alteration Service

2.            Bathing Suits Sales

3.            Clothing Accessories Shop

4.            Beachside Bikini Kiosk

5.            Used Clothes Cart/Kiosk

6.            Collectible Clothing such as women’s linen shorts

7.            Consignment Clothing Store

8.            Dry Cleaning Delivery

9.            Tailoring shop

10.          Embroidery Service

11.          Evening Gown Rentals

12.          Fabric Restoration Service

13.          Fabric Shop

14.          At Home Ironing Service

15.          Fashion Design School

16.          Fashion Designer Business

17.          Handbag Design and Manufacturing

18.          Home Based Tailor

19.          Image Consultant

20.          Jewelry Boxes Business

21.          Jewelry Designer Business

22.          Costume Jewelry Sales

23.          Online Jewelry Sales

24.          Knitting Business

25.          Lingerie Shop

26.          Maternity Clothing

27.          Kids Clothing Shop

28.          Mobile Formalwear Rentals

29.          Fashion Modeling Agency

30.          Custom T Shirts

31.          Online Custom Blue Jeans

32.          Online Fabric Shop

33.          Safety Clothing Sales

34.          Seashell Jewelry Sales

35.          Secondhand Clothing Store

36.          Senior Citizen Clothing

37.          Sewing Classes

38.          Fashion Designing Trainer

39.          Sleepwear Making & Sales

40.          Sports Team Uniform Service

41.          Sportswear Business

42.          Used Children’s Clothing Business

43.          Used Wedding Gowns Business

44.          Vintage Clothing Business

45.          Clothing Storage Sales

46.          School & Work Uniforms Sale

47.          Fashion Shows Reviewer

48.          Fashion Writer

49.          Fashion Blog

50.          Event Based Costume Supplier

51.          Fashion Show Organizer

52.          Fashion Industry Analyst

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.