Cloud Based Workflow – Reasons Why You Need OWNZONES

No matter the industry you belong to, migrating an enterprise’s infrastructure, database and media libraries to the cloud has proven to be the right investment. There are predictions that 83% of companies’ workloads and their operations will be performed either through public, private or hybrid cloud servers where software and other tools will be run as well.

The benefits of moving to the digital or cloudscape and employing cloud based platforms like OWNZONES are multifold, especially for the companies in the media and entertainment industry that need this type of solution to store, process and deliver their content ahead of the competition.

Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages and what you can do with cloud-native tools like OWNZONES.

Reduce CapEx and OpEx

The first obvious advantage is the reduction of capital expenditure or CapEx necessary for having and maintaining an on-premises infrastructure for managing data. These legacy IT environments use local servers for storing and handling data. Other expenses that spring from on-prem servers are costs of regular maintenance, upgrades, IT support, server rooms, staff and training, and extra costs in case of system failure. All of these represent upfront expenses a company needs to pay for regardless of whether the servers are used or not.

On the other hand, with the entire infrastructure and software run in the cloud like in the case with OWNZONES, the CapEx are practically transformed into operational expenses (OpEx). First of all, the service operates on a model that allows you to size up or down the needed storage depending on your current requirements.

In other words, you pay as much as you spend, or store in this case. If we add the fact that all maintenance-related operations are now a third-party’s job to the equation, we have a drastic reduction in expenses in the long run.

Improve Performance with OWNZONES

Previously mentioned workload transfer also indicates that it’s now your service provider’s obligation to make sure the performance of your cloud infrastructure is frictionless. In terms of volume, the cloud is practically limitless which further means that there is always enough space for new projects and, more importantly, an adequate amount of space for disaster recovery.

By moving operations to the cloud, you get access and full control of your content irrespective of your physical location. And if we speak about execution and the cloud’s dependence on an internet connection, major cloud service providers abide by Service Level Agreements that promise up to 99.99% of availability of their services like the AWS.

Secure your operations

In addition to the availability of cloud-based platforms, security needs to be mentioned as one of the major advantages. Since your infrastructure and databases can be accessed from any point on the globe with the means of an internet connection, security is given utmost priority.

Cloud service providers update their security constantly because it is a part of their service to provide a safe cloud environment that meets all the latest security updates for their clients. And since OWNZONES work with the best cloud service providers out there, the security of your assets in the cloud is guaranteed.

Use SaaS that utilizes innovative AI and IMF

If you thought that cost-cutting and performance boosting are great, wait till you hear about the secret weapons. After their integration with GrayMeta which uses AI and ML for performing advanced metadata searches, OWNZONES cloud-based platform enables its users to search through content metadata. In this way, content customization and identification of any issues with the content are performed with extreme ease making compliances to different markets incomparably faster and efficient.

Additionally, the use of the IMF (Interoperable Master Format) further boosts the component-based workflows. This is possible thanks to the fact that the new standard IMF is comprised of separate track files for video, audio, subtitles and captioning data, dynamic metadata, and packaging data all wrapped up in a so-called composition playlist. In other words, we have master components that are used for creating versions of content in compliance with the target market and components that can be changed. Consequently, this ability to change only selected components reduces the workflow from hours to minutes with the help of the OWNZONES platform.

Ready to move your workflow?

As you can see, the cloud is becoming the norm for any type of business operations and that particularly applies to the workflow of M&E companies like content production houses and major studios. By taking all the advantages of cloud-based platforms like OWNZONES, companies are able to optimize their workflow and business operations. With more cost-effectiveness, improved performance and security, and utilization of tech innovations, migration to the cloud seems like the right direction for companies looking to secure their future.