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Top 10 Cloud Startups Rocking the Airwaves in 2021

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The cloud plays a vital role in the growth and development of digital transformation to streamline business operations and manage data. The increase in cloud computing is expected to continue growing exponentially, with many organizations opting for cloud infrastructure.

Top 10 Cloud Startups Rocking the Airwaves in 2021

As a result, many companies can guarantee high performance of your cloud solution. Cloud consulting is on the rise, making it easy for consumers. The startups are offering excellent cloud solutions to their clientele.

This article gives you a list of top cloud startups to watch in 2021. Read on:


The US-based cloud computing company offers P2P cloud infrastructure aimed at decentralizing cloud systems. The system is especially crucial when it comes to blockchain services. Recently the organization teamed up with GEMNET to start their eco-friendly Blockchain router that will make it easy for cryptocurrency mining.

Cloud Minds

The startup aims at providing cloud brains to intelligent humanoid robots. The organization is working on a project that will make the robots do human work. The cloud infrastructure offers a cloud brain called Harix. The nerve network VPN ensures your cloud services are safe from hackers, and the robot control unit RCU makes it easy for you to control the robot.


The company started to offer a solution to the digital shift expected after introducing the 5G network to help in safe and faster data transfer. It’s easy to program the software-defined cloud services to catapult the organization to new heights.


The startup offers cloud-based services collaboration tools for better networking. The popularity of Slack has put it on level ground to compete with companies like Microsoft. The startup boasts over 2000 apps running on its infrastructure in an industry dominated by companies like Google and Microsoft.


The organization offers real-time data analytics based on the Apache Druid. The high-performance full stark product enables data visualizations for data analytics. The San Francisco-based company has three major shareholders making its operations easy.


The company comes with a public edge cloud platform aimed at offering the following generation cloud service needs. The company aims to take advantage of disruptive technology like the 5G network to provide affordable cloud services that offer maximum security compared to its competitors in the data industry.

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Gitlab Inc

Gitlab is a DevOps platform providing an open-source collaboration platform for development and team operations. The platform allows you to create cloud-native applications by offering an easy-to-use source code management platform. You can get a single application for your entire DevOps lifecycle after purchasing a monitoring system.


The Spot is a California-based cloud consulting startup that provides a reliable cloud frustrate ideal for automating and optimizing machine learning and analytics. The cloud services automatically scale cloud infrastructures by predicting resource requirements using its complex AI algorithms.


BackupGuru is a significant player in cloud computing thanks to its vast cloud-based storage market. You can use the platform to access backup data generated every day in your line of work. Log in from multiple devices to access company data. The Indian-based company has been at the forefront of ensuring its clients have a haven for storing their data online.


With Aiven, you can create various apps using open-source data infrastructure. Open-source technologies like Apache Kafka are making it easy to develop data-intensive applications without any hassle. Most investors trust this organization since it raised $40 million in 2020, showing how valuable it is for the future of cloud computing.


Cloud computing has significantly contributed to the success of most online businesses by offering cloud consulting services to individuals and organizations in the tech space. As a result, more industries prefer cloud computing instead of investing in massive hardware for their businesses. If you need cloud services for your business, we will comfortably sort out your cloud issues.


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