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CloudQA; the Easiest & Comprehensive Cloud-based Web Application Testing Tool

Testing is one of the crucial phases of software/web development, and so it requires you to invest a handsome amount of time and money.

Money is one of the most important business resources, but there’s something more important than money and that is “time”. You can multiply money only if you can take hold of time. So, if you’re looking to optimize time, you must consider a robust and trusted automated software testing tool like CloudQA.

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CloudQA is a SaaS enabled functional test automation tool for web applications that is built over Selenium. The platform offers a codeless environment to setup robust automated test cases (typically for smoke and regression tests) in a very short time and also offers remote execution of these test cases across various browsers.

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The codeless environment with features for comprehensive testing make CloudQA an easy to use, fast and reliable testing tool.

You can create end-to-end functional tests without writing any code; simply install the CloudQA Chrome browser extension, Login and start recording tests. It’s as simple as that.

CloudQA navigates through pages of your application to discover all testable elements, their properties and groups them into logical test cases.

The tool also summarizes everything in a single Dashboard, so you can have a clear idea with a glimpse of dashboard. Besides that, it analyzes the data and generates automated reports to save you more time.

CloudQA is surely an efficient automated testing tool that can test most complex web applications with minimal effort. So, whether you’re just about to launch your own product or you’re working on a product of a large enterprise, do try it for free!

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Cloud QA in Their Own Words:

CloudQA is the easiest & most comprehensive cloud-based Web Application testing solution that addresses cost, complexity, training, agility, scalability, flexibility, time to market associated with a typical testing approach. CloudQA is able to test the most complex web applications with minimal effort. It is suited for all types of applications including large enterprise and SaaS applications.


What Brings CloudQA to the Spotlight:

It reduces the time and costs required for software testing while facilitating agile development.


CloudQA Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.