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CloudSponge; An Effective Email Referral Channel

According to a research done by Gallup and Wells Fargo in 2014, attracting customers, targeting business opportunities and finding work or new business were the top challenges for small businesses in the US.

The same study revealed “friend referrals” to be the best solution and it was ranked as top successful marketing tool, with advertising ranking second by the marketers. Well, referrals do not just improve marketing performance, but they also drive huge revenues.

Whatever the referral marketing strategy you devise, it may not be that effective if you are wasting a decent amount user’s time in typing the email addresses of their friends and colleagues or asking them to copy from their address book.

Stop following those old school methods and let CloudSponge widget make friend referral convenient for your users.The widget keeps them in their browser, on your site, focused on selecting friends from their address book. It has got some really great customization features which the users can use to make their own text strings or style sheets.

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CloudSponge’s solution is an optimum and highly effective email referral channel which improves communication with friends and peers. Be it sending online coupons, emailing e-cards or finding new friends in the network, let CloudSponge do it the best way.

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And yes, with the strict privacy policy and security, users can be rest assured of apt protection against spammers and hackers.

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CloudSponge in Their Own Words:

CloudSponge improves the performance of any email referral channel such as double-sided refer-a-friend programs, sending coupons to friends, emailing e-cards or invitations and finding friends in networks.

We provide a self-service tool and full-service consulting engagements. The self-service tool is meant for companies who prefer to handle all the integration, split testing, iterations, analytics and reporting themselves and the full-service product is meant for companies that prefer to have CloudSponge handle everything and be accountable for the results.

What Brings CloudSponge to the Spotlight:

It gets more people sending email referrals to more of their friends.

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