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Cloudways; Next Generation High Performance Cloud Hosting

Every business strives to provide the best customer experience on their website and to make sure that customer satisfaction is optimum; you must have a robust hosting platform that uses latest technology and offers highest security. When it comes to better security and latest technology, Cloud hosting is probably the best choice for small and medium businesses.  

Cloud hosting is becoming more popular because this is the future and if you are a small business owner looking to secure the future of your business, migrating to cloud is a must. Cloud is not just a secure and robust solution for startups and small businesses, but it also contributes in reducing operational and overhead costs, thus increase the productivity and profitability of the business.
cloudways offers

Out of so many companies selling cloud services, Cloudways is a prominent Cloud Hosting platform which you can trust because they pay you double if you are not happy!  You can have a free trial along with free migration to Cloudways. With Cloudways you get great security, dedicated hardware, one click SSL, automatic patching, maximum control (that you do not have in traditional hosting), 1 to 7 days backup, Domain mapping a lot of other customization options.

Let it be a WordPress based content publishing platform, a discussion board, or an online shop, Cloudways can have a cloud robust hosting option for you.

Cloudways in Their Own Words:

Cloudways has built an intuitive cloud hosting platform that enables novices, bloggers, designers and agencies to easily host and manage their websites and applications on DigitalOcean and Amazon EC2. We offer better security, free managed backups, highly optimized servers with Varnish, Memcache, Nginx, Apache, Debian and  Llinux all with 24/7 support.

What Brings Cloudways to Spotlight:

Scalable setup for big, Small & viral websites without worrying about traffic spikes.

Cloudways Website:

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