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How Do Commercial Burglar Alarms Work?

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How Do Commercial Burglar Alarms Work?

If you’re a business owner, then you might wonder about ways to keep your business safe. While robberies are a scary thought, there’s hope.

This article will discuss how a commercial burglar alarm works. Read on to discover all about them and protect your business today!

1. Window/Door Sensors

When you’re exploring different burglar alarm companies such as Magnum Security Installations, Inc., then you might see that they use magnetic connectors.

One sensor is on the window or door, and the other is on the adjoining frame or sill. When it’s armed, it lets you know that the window or door is secure. If you open the window or door then the alarm will trigger.

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2. Motion Detectors

This burglar alarm system uses ultrasonic waves, microwave pulses, vibrations, and infrared heat to pick up movement in an area.

The motion of these can vary, so it’s important to choose one that has the right dimensions for your business.

3. Smart Burglar Alarms

This is where burglar alarm manufacturers let you manage your alarm system by an app on your phone. They let you know if someone breaks in. They’re often integrated with smart devices such as CCT cameras and lights.

4. Monitored Burglar Alarms

Professionals will monitor these burglar alarms and let police or owners know of a break-in. They’ll pick up any unusual activity, and let you know.

5. Control Panel

Your burglar alarm system will come with a control panel. All alarms will be connected to it, and are where information is processed and gathered.

They often come with a touchpad that lets you disarm or arm the alarm. Many of them have a built-in communicator option to get in touch with authorities fast if there’s an emergency.

6. Break Glass Detectors

A great option for businesses is to invest in a break glass detector. They have a microphone that picks up the frequency of glass breaking and can work within several feet. If there are multiple windows, you can place them in the center of the room.

7. Dialler Burglar Alarms

This is where picked keyholders can be contacted if there’s a triggered alarm. You can save up to 10 emergency numbers with this option.

When someone responds, then it doesn’t contact the others. They can be connected to a GSM mobile network, or to a landline.

Exploring How a Commercial Burglar Alarm Works

Now that you’ve explored how a commercial burglar alarm works, you should have a better idea of what option is right for your business.

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