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Commercial Window & Outdoor Cleaning Services Business

You may start a commercial window cleaning business as a sole expertise or have it under your general commercial cleaning business. This type of cleaning service business will, however, require sufficient initial investment, i.e. various cleaning equipment and tools are required for this type of business and you must also have public liability insurance to meet any emergency.

It may also require manpower that has prior hands-on experience in providing Commercial window cleaning services and outdoor cleaning services like lawn and pool cleaning etc. So, you need to have an emergency fund to meet the expenses when business is not doing well or to avoid running out of cash.

But the good thing is its ROI (Return On Investment) where you can get high paying accounts and possibly even government contracts!

This article will discuss the scope of the commercial window and outdoor cleaning as well as the basic investment details, required skills set etc.

Target Market:

The target market for this type of business is also pretty huge. Not many people can clean windows and outdoors themselves, there’s a huge number who cannot, i.e. commercial buildings, residential towers, hotels, schools and universities, event organizers and so on.

It’s not just the lack of the required equipment, but for some having a full time cleaning team is not cost effective option. Moreover, at times they want also want it to be done faster, so they have to rely on specialist cleaners. Here’s a list of people who should be interested in the commercial window and outdoor cleaning services.

  • Owners and maintainers of high rise buildings and big commercial complexes.
  • Shopping mall management that has not employed in-house cleaners.
  • Residents that have big windows but not the required time or skills to clean them.
  • Residential buildings’ management authorities.
  • College and university campuses that employ Commercial Window and Outdoor Cleaning Services from time to time.
  • Housekeeping departments of government offices and buildings.

Required skills/equipment:

Windows cleaning business will obviously require more expert skills, a lot of stamina and courage. After all, if the job demands you to hang from a high-rise building and clean the windows from outside, would you or an employee be able to do that?

  • Anyone starting this type of cleaning business will require things like portable roof diggers, Bosun’s chairs, descending devices, and carabiners.
  • A flexible body and a strong heart to hang from the air in case of cleaning windows from outside a building/complex.
  • Adequate engineering knowledge to know the roof’s strength to use anchors or which type and size of rigger need to be used.
  • In the case of outdoor cleaning and a large-scale area, the workers need to have enough stamina and strength to clean it in the given time-frame as negotiated in the contract.

Here are few detailed articles on now how to choose the right equipment, obtain funds for heavy equipment and maintain these assets.

Pricing Your Commercial Window & Outdoor Cleaning Services Business

The best thing about Commercial Window & Outdoor Cleaning Service is its profitability.

For Window Cleaning, you can charge as high as $100 per hour depending on the locality and country. This type of job will either be on a contract basis based on the number of windows or paid on hourly basis.

Outdoor cleaning can again either be charged on an hourly basis or on an area basis (a certain amount per square meter). This type of work can also be negotiated to be on daily wages.

Does starting a Commercial Window & Outdoor Cleaning Services Business interest you? 

Follow this detailed article on how to start a cleaning business from scratch and be your own boss today!

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