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5 Common Brand Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learning how to build your brand can be an intimidating task.

5 Common Brand Building Mistakes and How to
Avoid Them

Given that so many businesses fail to survive the first few years, you might start to wonder what fatal mistakes they made so you can avoid them.

For your new business, there are a few common brand-building mistakes you’ll want to watch out for. Each of these can drastically affect your audience growth, customer loyalty, and product success.

To understand how to build brands successfully, you’ll want to first know how to avoid these brand-ruining mistakes.

1. Weak Brand Visual

Your company logo, and any other visuals you use to identify your brand, are an integral piece to your brand-building strategy. Business visuals should be captivating, attractive, and easily recognizable. For example, Geico’s gecko or Nike’s swoosh immediately puts the associated brand in the customer’s mind.

When you have a weak visual, your brand is less likely to be remembered, nor will it attract loads of new customers. You can help your logo become more recognizable by promoting it in the right ways. Signage is an effective way to show off your brand to passersby. Consider reading this article, “How Pylon Signs are Essential for Brand Building” to learn more.

2. Unenticing Brand Name

In addition to an enticing brand visual, your brand name also affects your business growth. However, while you may want to immediately find a catchy company name, it’s better to wait. Once you determine your digital marketing strategy and target audience, among other things, you’ll have a better idea of what your company actually represents.

3. Avoiding Business Partnerships

You may feel hesitant to accept a partnership with another brand for several reasons. But partnerships, in most cases, will only support your brand growth. You can expand your customer base by attracting newcomers from similar but adjacent markets.

4. No Message Consistency

If your goal for your brand is to attract dedicated and loyal buyers, your brand messaging must be consistent. People want to spend money on businesses they feel they can trust. The truth is, your brand can’t align with everyone’s beliefs. Consider your product and your long-term intentions for your company, and decide what specific messages your brand will support.

5. Lack of Focus

Similar to brand message inconsistency, you must avoid having too broad a focus for your products or target audience. To target an audience interested in your services regularly, you need to be specific.

If you can fill a specific hole in your current market, that’s even better. Focus on why you decided to start building this brand in the first place. Consider what changes you’re trying to bring to the industry, and then hone your energies on those goals.

Worst Brand Building Mistakes

Once you’ve made a plan to avoid these brand-building mistakes, you’re on track to growing your business in all the right directions. It will involve lots of hard work. But with a little hustle, you can build a brand worth remembering. For more quality professional advice, head to our page for the best-kept business secrets.


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