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Common Causes Of Road Accidents In Michigan

18.4 percent of accidental deaths in Michigan result from motor accidents. In 2019, it was reported that there were 312, 798 collisions that took place on Michigan roads; 885 people were killed and 74, 963 were injured.

It was estimated too that there had been a 6.5 percent increase from 10 years earlier in the total crash rate. It means that in that year, there were 308 car crashes in every 100 million vehicles. Most of these crashes occurred on county and city roads.

These numbers simply tell that no matter how careful you are in steering the wheel, something might still turn up while in the driveway.

It is why it’s important to determine the causes of road mishaps so you as a driver can be more vigilant and cautious while driving. The following are the common human errors that result in vehicular accidents in Michigan:


Driving too close to another vehicle in front leaves you very little time and space to fully stop without resulting in a collision. The speed at which cars are driven will greatly affect the amount of force to be released during a collision, therefore determining the extent of damage to vehicles involved.

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Excessive speeding lessens the reaction time of a driver in case he needs to avoid something on the road, like a stray animal or another car. It also reduces the ability of road safety structures like concrete barriers to protect vehicle occupants if a car hits those for an emergency halt.

Improper Lane Use

Changing lanes suddenly and at high speed as well as doing so without turning on signal lights (or using any alternative to send a signal for lane switching) causes trouble to other drivers who drive at a steady speed. This violation can actually lead to serious injuries if drivers behind the culprit do not have quick driving reflexes.

Failure to Yield

More like failure to share the road with other users, this act of selfishness can cause serious injuries not just to drivers but also to pedestrians. Some drivers operate as if they always have the right of way. However, all drivers have a duty to obey the rules of the road in order to avoid causing harm to others.

Disregarding Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are prompted on streets to keep order on the road as well as to spare the lives of human traffic enforcers who might get injured or killed while doing their job. Ignoring these traffic signals will definitely bring about trouble with the police, or in the worst case scenario, could result in a car crash.

Careless or Negligent Driving

This encompasses drunk driving, texting and/or calling while driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and distracted driving.

Remember that a driver whose mind is not fully focused on the road has no right to sit behind the steering wheel. That driver will only bring chaos to himself and to other people he encounters on the road.

There are more facts and statistics about driving accidents that could benefit you. Check out some Michigan Traffic Statistics Graphics to easily digest essential information regarding the matter.

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