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The 4 Most Common Warehouse Injuries Workers Compensation Attorneys Handle

If you have a relative, friend, or colleague who works in a warehouse, chances are they’ve been injured on the job at one time or another. While unfortunate for those involved in such incidents, it’s tough when workers compensation attorneys must be called to navigate legal matters, which can quickly become complicated and stressful for all parties.

Therefore to better understand what kind of injuries and damages could occur the next time your family member takes on a new inventory role, let’s take an informed look at some of the four most common warehouse workplace injury lawyers that come across daily.

1 – Back Injuries

Back injuries are one of the top injuries that a workers compensation attorney frequently handles. A back injury is preventable and often painful from carrying difficult or heavy objects, physically overexerting yourself, falling, slipping, or performing repetitive motions. While certain people may be more vulnerable to back injuries than others, such as those with an earlier shoulder/back injury, anyone in a warehouse can suffer from this type of injury.

For example, back sprains and strains are common due to varying types of stress on muscles, and even bone fractures can occur if you lift or move something too large and bulky. In addition to paperwork support, your lawyer can provide advice around negotiating with employers, like corrective measures they must implement to aid prevention in the workplace environment moving forward.

2 – Head And Brain Injuries

Head and brain injuries sustained in warehouses can cause some of the most serious, life-altering consequences for workers trying to earn a living. This type of injury may result from striking your head on overhead equipment or a wall, or it could be due to a falling object that strikes you in the head. In either case, the effects can range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injury and permanent disability.

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If you suffer any kind of head or brain injury because of your job in a warehouse, remember that you have legal protections available to you, and that is where workers compensation attorneys come in. Some common legal interventions include covering medical visits, holding companies accountable for negligence or reckless behavior, and seeking damages related to loss of income resulting from taking time off work due to recovery.

3 – Unsafe Work Condition Injuries

Unsafe work condition injuries are some of the most common warehouse worker injuries for which workers’ compensation attorneys get involved. These types of workplace accidents differ from those caused by a single incident and usually involve something wrong with the workplace environment over multiple shifts and days until an accident finally occurs.

These unsafe working conditions may include:

  • insufficient safety protections
  • dangerous machinery
  • inadequate training
  • lack of proper safety gear
  • otherwise hazardous areas while on the job

If you’ve been injured due to an unsafe work condition maintained at your job, you must consider contacting a worker’s compensation lawyer. These experienced professionals can help assess liability and ensure that you receive fair compensation for medical bills and lost wages related to your injury.

4 – Catastrophic Or Fatal Workplace Accidents

Catastrophic or fatal workplace accidents are some of the most heartbreaking and devastating events that can occur in any workplace. These tragedies don’t just affect those involved directly – they can also have a deep impact on families, friends, and coworkers.

An experienced lawyer will review all evidence related to an accident – this might involve looking into safety standards or personal accounts from witnesses – in order to build a solid case so that victims or their families could receive full compensation for their losses. There is no amount of money that can make up for a life lost or serious injury caused by another’s negligence, but legal recourse remains preferable to doing nothing at all.

A Worker’s Compensation Attorney Can Help

Overall, warehouses are physical spaces, and because of this comes risk. Whether an employee is injured on the job due to faulty equipment or slipping on a wet floor, employees need to seek guidance from a worker’s compensation attorney to ensure their rights as employees are respected.

Taking the necessary precautions, such as reporting breaks and injuries immediately, is essential to staying safe in hazardous work environments. Injuries on the job can happen anywhere, but with good safety protocols and assistance from an experienced workers compensation attorney to navigate the proper channels, there can be more control over challenging yet necessary jobs like warehouse work.

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