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Common Work Accidents in Morgantown

A work accident refers to any form of untoward incident that renders you injured or ill while doing your duties at work. This may take place in work property like an office or factory floor. Work accidents may inflict major or minor injuries, depending on the environment and the type of work you are involved in.

In general, however, the following work accidents send the most employees to hospitals in Morgantown each year:

Industrial equipment accidents

Drivers and operators of huge and heavy construction and industrial equipment face the biggest workplace hazards in America. When one of those pieces of equipment fails, it is almost impossible to bring it to a full stop due to its immense size and weight. Employees behind the wheel and working near the apparatus are the mercy of an unstoppable mass and energy.

 Defective equipment 

When an industrial equipment or product fails to do its job, it can lead to a serious or even fatal accident. Though it is a must that every tool and equipment in a workplace or factory must be checked for working conditions before use, accidents may still occur due to malfunction.

Chemical spills

People who work in laboratories, mines, and oil rigs are susceptible to injuries and diseases incurred by toxic chemicals and fumes. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness that is directly linked to dangerous chemical products, you can definitely ask for full and fair compensation.

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Electrical hazards and electrocutions

If you live through a severe electrocution injury at work, make sure you get treated and tested by a physician. In most cases, the aftermath of an electric shock does not show immediately.


Burn is just one obvious injury that you might get from fire. Inhaling smoke, heat, and chemicals can damage the respiratory system. The scars that are left behind by the burn might lead to a lifetime of social loss as well.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents

These kinds of accidents are the leading causes of injuries in the workplace No matter how careful you might be walking in the area, you can still fall victim to such misfortune because of someone else’s negligence.

Ladder and scaffold fall accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, fall protection is the number one most violated safety protocol in the US, followed by scaffolding construction requirements and ladder safety. This means that employers pay little mind to workers who go the extra mile reaching high places to do their jobs. If bosses do not give that much in securing your safety being on a loft, then you better be more careful.

Road construction accidents

Workers who are stationed on road repairs and construction are not only prone to accidents that could be potentially caused by machineries and equipment; they are also exposed to dangers of getting hit by vehicles driven by inattentive, distracted, or drunk drivers.

Any kind of job has its own risks and hazards, so as a worker you need to be always careful and alert. If anything happens at work, you might consider giving a ring to a Morgantown Work Accident Attorney to help you get what you deserve better.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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