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The Comparison Between Mac Book Air And Pro

If you’re trying to figure out the major differences between the MacBook Air and the Pro so that you can decide which one is best for your australia online casino games, then this article can help.

We’ll explain important features, like processor performance and battery life, so that by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly why a particular machine would be better for your lifestyle.

Processor Performance

The MacBook Air has an Intel Core i5 processor, while the Pro has a more powerful Intel Core i7 processor. This means that the Pro is better suited for tasks that require more processing power, like gaming or video editing.

Battery Life

The MacBook Air has an impressive 12 hours of battery life, while the Pro has a slightly shorter 10-hour battery life. This means that if you need to work on the go for extended periods without access to a power outlet, then the Air may be the better option.


The Pro has a larger and higher resolution display than the Air. The Pro’s display is 13 inches with a 2560 x 1600 Retina resolution, while the Air’s display is 11 inches with a 1440 x 900 resolution. So, if you’re looking for more screen real estate or sharper visuals when editing photos or videos, then you should consider investing in the Pro.


The Pro is more expensive than the Air, which could be a deciding factor for many. The Pro starts at $1,299, while the Air starts at $999. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t need the extra performance of the Pro, then the Air may be your best bet.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between the MacBook Air and the Pro, there are several important factors to consider. The Pro has a faster processor, but shorter battery life than the Air. It also has a larger display with higher resolution and is more expensive than the Air. Therefore, you can play online casino games using your mac book in the comfort of your home.

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