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With the rise of mobile internet, customers today have more power than ever before!

They have more platforms to voice their opinion and share their experiences. A positive customer experience as it is shared with friends, family and other connections over Social Media brings new business for the brand at zero cost!

But what happens when customers do not have a positive experience?

They complain!

Being unable to answer and resolve these complaints in a timely manner may cost you the entire business! Let’s look at a few important numbers from a research by Esteban Kolsky.

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  • 96% of the unhappy customers will not directly complain to you.
  • An unhappy customer will share the complaint with 15 or more people.
  • 91% of unhappy customers simply stop doing business with the brand.

The magnitude of negative customer experience is so high that it takes about 12 positive experiences to cover up one negative experience. This means an extensive effort is required just for survival which also increases the operational costs.

Customer complaints can actually make a business more profitable when you resolve their problem quickly!

Unfortunately, the conventional Social Media is not helpful in this case. Despite Social Media being a convenient tool for customer engagement, the majority of businesses fail to make most out of it. The same research by Esteban Kolsky reports that 55% of customer requests on social media are not acknowledged! bridges this gap and creates a customer engagement opportunity better than mainstream Social Media.

A consumer files a complaint online on and the team makes sure it gets the attention it deserves. The team reaches out the business regarding the complaint and makes sure they take the feedback seriously.

It requires a few quick details, including consumer contact details and a brief complaint. As soon as the complaint is posted, the company is notified about it.

Many times people do not complain directly to the company because it takes too long to submit the feedback, i.e. the long waiting period on the phone, and slow response on social media. This slow and endless messaging doesn’t do any good for both the parties, it rather drains their energy and wastes time to fix common problems. makes it super easy and fast for those unhappy customers to raise their concern. Other than filing a complaint, consumers can quickly find answers to most common questions (like this which they normally do not find easily either on the business website or their Social Media.

On the other hand, knowing the exact problems, companies can timely resolve the issues which will greatly contribute to improving their product or service. It also contributes greatly to build a credible brand when the customer satisfaction is endorsed at a transparent third party website.

Better product/services, happy customers and a credible brand is all what you need to take your business to the next level!

With a free business account on businesses can build a more credible brand by processing complaints much faster and marking them as ‘resolved’. Complaints come with all the required information, which reduces the churn and offers you the opportunity to get more done in less time. Using the website API you can integrate complaints in your own webcare systems and simplify the data science of customer experience.

Moreover, with consumers can also report and expose scams which helps both consumers and businesses, i.e. businesses can quickly respond to the identity theft crisis.

A study by Harvard Business Review reveals that complaints handled in less than 5 minutes go on to spend more on future purchases. The study insists that you must respond to the customer even if their feedback upsets you, and that is in fact the true art of converting angry customers into loyal ones.

More research finds that customers’ whose complaints are handled quickly often turn into loyal customers and even brand advocates. So complaints are actually profitable, and businesses must invest in learning the art of handling complaints efficiently and on time.

Customer service is a complex data science, resolving customer complaints right when they arise makes ease the complexities to a greater extent. Every consumer complaint highlights a problem, it can be a problem with a product, employee or internal processes. By answering these problems you actually improve your own business and prevent further problems.

One more interesting feature I found on the website is the complaint trends which can be very handy for researchers to know what people are complaining about and where exactly it is happening. can surely be a great tool for small and medium sized businesses to scale the business growth and build a loyal customer base. in Their Own Words:

We see ourselves as a complaints protocol to remove the friction of endless messaging and phone calls. For consumers, we make sure their complaint gets the attention it deserves and is taken seriously. In addition, we have a helpful community with people who may have had similar experiences which can be very helpful in making right choices.

For companies, every organization has to deal with complaints sometimes. On our website you can show that you take complaints seriously! Think of it as an opportunity to improve your business. All complainants leave behind all necessary relevant information, this will help you to process complaints much faster. With our API you can register all complaints directly in your own webcare systems. With a free business account on you can process complaints and mark them as ‘resolved’. This will result in positive advertising for your organization / brand!

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It gets consumer complaints resolved! website:

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