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How Do Conference Calls Work for Companies?

Communication in business is vital. You’ll need to have excellent social skills if you want to rise up the corporate ladder.

But communication is about more than just your personality. It’s also about the medium you use to communicate.

One of the fastest-growing types of communication is conference calling. There are many types of conference calls. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

So, how do conference calls work, and what makes a successful one? This article tells you everything you need to know.

Traditional Conference Call 

This is when participants use a phone to dial into a call with three or more people. One of the significant advantages of traditional conference calling is that it doesn’t require any sophisticated equipment. Anyone with a phone can dial in.

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Video Conference Call

A video conference call is sometimes the best way to have effective meetings. One big problem with traditional conference calls is the lack of non-verbal communication. With video conference calls, you can see the faces of everyone involved.

You can also show people things on camera. In certain situations, video conference calls are more productive than traditional conference calls.

Online Conference Call

Online conference calls have become the norm in recent years. Many companies started to do online conference calling due to the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns.

Many companies have started using free conference call software so workers can dial in remotely. One of the significant benefits of online conference calls is that the software might have unique features. For example, it might allow callers to show their screens to other participants on the call.

What Are the Benefits of Conference Calls?

One of the biggest benefits of conference calls is that they allow people to work remotely. This was invaluable during the COVID-19 crisis as many companies were not allowed to have workers in the office.

Conference calling has allowed workers to be much more flexible in their work, with many people now working partially from home and partly from the office.

In certain situations conference, calls might even be a better solution for a meeting. For example, if you want to show a project you’re working on your computer, it might be easier to simply share your screen.

How to Improve Conference Calls

One issue with conference calls is the slight lag. While generally, the lag is only a few milliseconds, it can make it much more likely people will talk over each other.

You can address this by assigning a conference leader who will indicate when it’s time for someone to speak. This helps to ensure business meetings always go smoothly.

Understanding “How to Do Conference Calls Work?”

So now you know the answer to “how do conference calls work?” In the future, it’s likely that conference calls will evolve even further. As internet speeds get faster, issues with delay can go away. You may even be able to meet in virtual reality inside the Metaverse.

If you want to learn more about running a company, check out some of our other articles.


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