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7 Different Ways to Market Your Construction Business Online

How do you market your construction business online?

7 Different Ways to Market Your Construction Business Online

As an offline business, the construction business has acquired its clients by referral from its existing and previous clients. If it specializes in government project contacts or real estate, chances are it can attract more clients.

But what if your construction business is in its starting phase? How can you reach your target market and win clients?

Nowadays, people use their mobile devices to look for businesses within their locality. Having your construction business’s presence online gives it a better chance to reach its potential clients.

general contractor SEO is a highly recommended means to market your business online since construction businesses usually operate within a specific locality only.

This with other various ways available can help boost your presence and attract the right market for you. Here are seven different ways how to market your construction business online.

Ways to Market Your Construction Business

1. Identify your business’ specialty 

Construction companies are divided into different types depending on the job they perform whether it’s designing and planning, maintaining, or property renovating.

Does your business handle public works like constructing roads and highways? Does it handle small home renovation projects? Does it develop real estate?

Identifying your business’ specialty will also help you identify your competitors, your specific target audience, and the services you can highlight to build your branding.

2. Build your website

A website serves as your main online presence where your target audience can learn more about your business, your services, and your contact details.

With most people researching about companies online, a website can earn their trust and can build your reputation as a business. To guarantee they can easily find it in Google search, your website must also be optimized.

3. Sign up for business listings

Business listings nowadays are mostly online. There are local government unit websites and industry-specific websites that cater to these services. One of the most recommended business listings is Google My Business.

Google My Business is one way to do local SEO. You can add your profile and your business location which helps you become visible in Google Maps.

4. Invest in Lead Generation 

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting visitors to potential customers. There are several ways how to do this.

Some good example of lead generation is job openings where the leads are the applicants, coupons which attract potential customers looking for ways to save money from buying items, and online content which attracts those who are looking for information they can read.

Lead generation for construction companies will be based on your business’s specialization. However, this can take a lot of time. It’s best to either outsource this task, hire someone to do it in-house for you, or invest in campaigns, such as Facebook ads to generate leads.

5. Build a social media presence

Having a website is not enough. Reach your audience more and engage with them you need to build a social media presence.

For a construction business, you can start with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. LinkedIn is a professional account that allows you to attract other companies that may need your services.

Facebook and Instagram have been the most widely used social media platforms worldwide. Pinterest has also gained attention from those who are into home decorating, home makeovers, and other design-related content as it allows the user to save images and ideas through their own Pinterest board.

When setting up your social media presence, determine first which of the mentioned social media channels is widely used in your locality. Some countries use Facebook more while some use Instagram more.

6. Send out Email newsletters

Email newsletters are great means for you to follow up your email list and encourage them to engage with your business and avail of your services. It’s also a way for them to be updated on any events, special offers, and developments you may need to share with them or you believe interests them.

Those who have visited your website and have signed up for newsletter updates are considered quality leads.

To make your updated with them more effective, you can segment your list depending on their type of work, probable future construction needs, or their location. You can also send a specific newsletter to your existing clients.

7. Create valuable content

Content is still king — but remember that engagement is queen. This simply means you need to create content your target audience needs and will engage with from liking to commenting to sharing it on their social media accounts.

There are several contents you can do and post on your website and social media channels. These days the most common are blogs, social media postings, and videos.

As a construction business, videos are effective tools that attract audiences as it communicates your message effectively. Many are looking for tips and how-tos on YouTube these days and it would be great if you can provide videos that show your finished work, project updates, construction or maintenance tips, and more that they may need to learn from you.

Articles are still an effective way to attract an audience. You can post this on your website’s blog to attract followers, use some of its content and use it as a social media post, and you can even share it as part of your newsletter for your subscribers.

To create valuable content, you need to consider what your target audience usually types when they do their research on topics related to your industry.

You can start with search items for local SEO for contractors to have an idea of what people in your locality are considering in a construction service or solutions are they looking for related to your industry.

Marketing Online

These are but seven ways to market your construction business online. However, before you try any of these, it is best to create a marketing plan.

Conduct research on how your competitors are doing their online marketing, compare search items they are using, and look for content that has attracted audiences.

You should also check which social media platforms are best for construction businesses and what services you should market to. You should also invest in local SEO for contractors to know how to optimize your presence online.

Referrals still work in promoting your business, but with properly executed online marketing, you can get more these even from people who have only seen your pages and website online.


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