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What Content to Shoot For Promotion on Youtube

Looking for video ideas to improve your results? Video is a powerful marketing and advertising tool, but unfortunately, there is no secret formula for success. The key here is to think big, be creative, be honest, and target the right audience.

Today we will talk about what content is worth shooting on YouTube in 2022 so that you do not have to constantly buy YouTube views.

Another reason for the rise in YouTube views is that consumers are no longer limited to the TV, looking for other, sometimes more convenient ways to watch videos.

The research of WP Dev Shed says that users are generally looking for solutions to their problems in the video. This is why content about products and services that solve user problems is so popular and profitable for companies.

But YouTube is much more than just music videos. From an influencer marketing standpoint, official music videos offer few opportunities for promotion. However, there are many other types of content that provide better opportunities for marketers. Below we will present some types of content for you, thanks to the publication of which you will not have to buy views on YouTube in the future for promotion.

Telling the story

Storytelling works great with any type of content. He is currently one of the main forces in content.

Consumers do not want to hear a direct offer to buy a product or service, they want to understand how these products will help them solve a problem.

By telling the story of your brand or product creation, you strengthen the emotional connection with your audience. People recognize themselves in your story, which helps draw their attention to your product and increase sales. Storytelling can be used in any content, including ads.

Useful tips and tricks

Such content presents useful ideas or recommendations for using a product or service. With the help of them, you can clearly demonstrate to people how your product can be useful.

Let’s take an example. The article you are currently reading can be adapted to video format. In this case, I would share ideas by showing demo versions of each tip.

For advice videos to be successful, think about how you can help your audience, what can be useful to them. These could be useful apps, services they could use, creative ideas, and so on.

Do it yourself

This content may seem like a thing of the past, but they still work well today because they teach people how to do things on their own.

The topic for such videos can be some kind of craft or digital product, something in which you are an expert. That is, to make such a video, you yourself must understand the topic. If you teach users to do something that you yourself do not know-how, you will lose trust and interest in your brand.


Encouraging words are needed by all people. Motivational videos often become truly “viral”, they are actively shared and liked.

To make your motivational video, consider how you can motivate your audience. Prepare an emotional and sincere speech and write it down. This approach will make the content more human and strengthen the connection with the audience.

Explanatory videos

Video is a lightweight and easy-to-read content format. Users like videos where people or brands explain something. It can be a presentation of a product, and instructions for using the product. Such videos will help increase engagement and the number of views. Content, where you answer consumer questions, strengthens their buying decision.


Most of us have seen different travel videos. To create this kind of content, take a camera on your trip and share your experience of visiting a certain country or place. To do this, it is not necessary to go far from home, usually, there are also interesting locations nearby.

In your video, you can tell the story of a place, and interesting facts about people. People interested in these places will find your content and it will be useful to them.

Answers on questions

Have you analyzed the questions that come from your audience? Have you thought about putting them together and answering them in your video?

In fact, the comments and messages received on social media or under your content can be a starting point for content creation.

Let people know ahead of time that there will be a video coming out soon on a specific topic where you will answer their questions. To make it even easier to search for your Q&A videos, create a hashtag.

You can also mention people who asked questions. This will further strengthen your connection with your audience. Questions can be answered live. You can go further by answering user questions on a regular basis.


Webinars are videos on a specific topic that your subscribers become participants in. It reveals some topic that is valuable and interesting to the audience.

Typically, all it takes to run a webinar is a good topic and 20 minutes of free time to discuss it. If you get a positive response from the audience, you can continue. It’s not the length of the video that matters, but the relevance of the topic to people’s expectations.

Webinars are a powerful tool for building brand authority and audience trust.

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