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Content Is King: 4 Important B2B Content Marketing Trends You Should Know

You know that your B2B content marketing strategy has fallen a little bit flat recently. You used to get lots of clicks and conversions, but now, it seems like you’re behind the times. You need to update your marketing plan — and fast. 

In this post, we’ll tell you the top trends you need to take into consideration when developing your B2B content marketing strategy. 

From understanding the latest updates regarding email marketing to learning how to leverage your leads through a podcast, read on to learn how the right B2B marketing content can make this your most profitable year ever.

1. Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

About once every year, the rumor starts in the B2B content marketing world that email marketing is “officially a thing of the past.” 

And every single time, the rumor is disproven. 

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So, when you’re developing your B2B content marketing strategy, don’t fall for the hype. Not only is email marketing alive and well, it’s also one of the most cost-effective marketing options. In fact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you’ll get an ROI of $44 or more

Plus, emails also give you the chance to segment your market and specific campaigns based on the past buying habits of your customers. 

Maybe you have a few businesses that refill their orders during your holiday sale. You can send those clients an email letting them know that the sale is starting in a few days, and create a countdown to make sure they buy again this year. 

Perhaps you have businesses that jump at the chance to try out every new product or service you offer. Their segmented campaign email would be related to a new product drop because that’s when they’re the most likely to buy. 

Don’t forget that emails also offer invaluable analytics and data. You can see how many people opened the emails, clicked on links, or even converted thanks to a specific campaign. 

2. Customer Feedback and Surveys

Online reviews have a direct impact on about 70% of all buying decisions — those on both the individual and B2B levels.

That’s why making reviews a part of your B2B marketing content plan is so essential. 

Make sure that you claim your third-party listings on review sites, and that you fill out those listings as completely as you can.

This means adding photos of your storefront, your products, and even your staff members to your page. You should include a brief description of your business, a link to your website, and even the kinds of payment methods you accept. 

However, especially in the B2B world, sometimes online reviews alone aren’t enough. 

We strongly suggest that you send out a few customer surveys at least once every quarter. In addition to learning from the responses, you’ll also have excellent testimonials to post on your website. 

Incentivize responses by offering to give those that complete the surveys a discount on their next purchase, or even free items or services.

3. Video Content is Key

You know that having a great website design (learn more here about how to make that happen) is a huge part of your digital marketing strategy as a whole. 

But another key aspect of good web design? 

Knowing how to share the most important information your clients and prospects need to know in the most digestible format. 

Enter video content

First of all, video content marketing is incredibly sharable on social media.

You can’t exactly share an entire, lengthy blog post on your Instagram account. But it’s easy to upload your video to Facebook or feature parts of it in your Instagram stories. 

Video content marketing also lets you play around with different formatting options and a wide variety of content types. 

For example, you could choose to go live to promote a sense of transparency about the way your products are made.

You could create a minute-long video tutorial explaining the right way to use your most popular products. You could even answer some of the most common questions you get from your B2B clients. 

In short? 

The possibilities are endless with video marketing — and so are the conversions you can get from them.

4. Create a B2B Podcast

So many people get caught up in the blogging and guest posting side of B2B content marketing, they completely forget about their other options. 

We’ve already talked about the importance of video content, but don’t forget that we live in an age where multitasking — especially for business owners — is the new normal.

That’s why creating a podcast that your B2B clients can listen to while they handle more routine tasks is such a key part of any content marketing strategy. 

You might even consider interviewing some of your top clients on the podcast itself. This is also an excellent way to generate new leads, as listeners can learn that you handle companies that are similar to their own.

Take Advantage of These B2B Content Marketing Tips

Making your current B2B content marketing plan even more effective isn’t as difficult and as time-consuming as you might have feared. 

In fact, the tips on this list are incredibly straightforward — and don’t require lots of outside help. 

Looking for more advice on how to make your website stand out from the crowd? Feel like your lack of knowledge surrounding SEO is holding you back? 

Don’t worry — we’re here to help you. 

Keep checking back with us to make sure you’re always a step ahead of the digital and content marketing game.

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