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5 Cool Fabrics That’ll Keep You from Sweating at Night

Sleeping in the summer is quite the trying task, and while we are all for sleeping in the nude when it gets too hot, sometimes the right pair of women’s pajamas can make all the difference.

Sometimes the air con unit only circulates the hot, sticky air, and we start quickly discovering all the places we can actually sweat from, which is far from comfortable. For many women, we cannot help but wonder if this sweaty, sticky, unbearable summer hell is a hint of the experience of menopause.

Well, summer heat, or menopausal heat, whatever it is that is torturing your skin and making sleep a distant memory, perhaps the ticket to your freedom is in the nightwear you have on?

Because it turns out that the clothes you are wearing to bed can actually have a tremendous impact on how much you sweat when you sleep.

#1. Silk

Silk is actually a super popular fabric that is lightweight due to it having very tiny air pockets, allowing any sweat to go into the air instead of dampening the material.

While it is not an absorbent material, the fabric fibers actually work to evaporate any moisture keeping you sweat-free, and feeling a bit cooler.

It is a very breathable fabric that allows warm air around your body to better escape, which means you don’t need to cope with any excessive night sweats!

#2. Cotton

Cotton clothing is popular in our wardrobes for a reason. When it comes to natural fibers, cotton is one of the best you can get, it lets air circulate through the fabric, guaranteeing an airflow that helps to fight the drier areas of your body

#3. Linen

Linen is a beautiful material that prevents night sweats before they even begin thanks to its loose woven natural fibers.

You let out your body heat but also absorb moisture when you need it when you wear linen. Linen also dries out really fast as well, so can stop you from sweating extra at the night.

Much alike to cotton, it won’t cling to your body either, so your skin has more room to breathe at night, and it responds to your body temperature appropriately, making it an ideal material to help prevent night sweats year round.

#4. Rayon

Rayon sounds a lot like a god awful synthetic fiber that has made its way into the present day from the ’80s, however, it is actually nothing like this at all. In fact, oftentimes it is actually able to totally imitate the look and feel of wool, cotton, silk, and even linen.

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber that comes from recycled wood pulp and plant materials, making it a very eco-friendly material as well as a comfy one.

Although it is not yet a top choice for many when it comes to sleepwear or bedding, it is best that you do not totally leave it out of your options list as it is most certainly a very practical option.

It is a very lightweight fabric, and won’t trap heat either.

Since it is semi-synthetic, it also actually works to repel moisture, rather than absorbing it. Although it is hardly as moisture-wicking as the other different natural fabrics, it is a good option that plenty of retailers will sell as a choice for you to consider.

It can definitely help you avoid those uncomfortable night sweats!

#5. Chambray

This is another fabric you may not have heard of. This is a sweat-absorbant and plain weave fabric that has white yarn in its weft, but colored yarn in the warp.

It often comes in dark shades, often much like denim, and it is also highly lightweight. This makes it perfect when you are seeking a good night’s sleep free of sweat.

This fabric is also hypoallergenic, and it will actively catch sweat and any perspiration that ends up coming off of your body, absorbing it, so you avoid overheating during the night.

This is actually one of the many factors that makes it ideal as a nightwear material. It is an ideal fabric for you to use all year, in every season to keep you cool and regulate your body temperature as you sleep more efficiently.

The fabric here is also found to have a significantly higher thread count than many other fabrics, which is awesome as it gives bedding and nightwear a feel that is hotel-quality. It may even be a good idea to outfit your bed in Chambray!

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