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From conception to birth, the journey is amazing. Though the nine months are tough and tiring, this time builds the strongest bond between you two (in fact you three) and the joy cannot be expressed in words when you first take your baby in your arms. And then begins the awesome parenthood!

There’re thousands of resources online for helping motherhood and being a mom but to learn about fatherhood, the guys have to do some real hard work!

So, guys the wait is over and Cool Papa is here. It’s a beautifully crafted daily newsletter with exclusive content from top lifestyle and fitness writers. They know that your time is important, so each issue takes not more than three minutes to be read fully. You get the self-contained read that doesn’t require you to click to read more.

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Children with involved dads are more ambitious, less susceptible to peer pressure, more competent, more self-reliant and more self-confident. However, being involved is not as easy for fathers as it’s for mommies, because there’s a big misconception that “the words style and fatherhood don’t belong in the same sentence”.

Cool Papa is surely going to break the myth by bringing you style, fitness, and fatherhood, exclusively in your inbox. All you need to do is to subscribe for the newsletter.

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Cool Papa is a beautifully crafted daily newsletter with original, exclusive content from nationally recognized lifestyle and fitness writers. Each issue is engineered to be read in under three minutes. Some say the words style and fatherhood don’t belong in the same sentence. We say having responsibilities doesn’t mean succumbing to the siren call of dad jeans and crocs.


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It’s going to make fatherhood more interesting and effective!


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