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A Guide to Corporate Event Planning With Checklist & COVID-19 Tips

Corporate events can boost your profit, strengthen the relationship between your employees, and increase your sales. Knowing that these events bring so many benefits for your business, you need to plan them well ahead.

A successful strategy aligned with clear goals will help move your business forward. If you aren’t sure how to implement this, we have you covered. In this post, you will learn how to plan a corporate event that will align with your goals.

Basics of Corporate Event Planning

A corporate event will convey your brand message to your internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, corporate event planning is crucial for your credibility.

Both clients and customers will get positive impressions for every aspect of your business.

Determine Your Goals

A corporate event should have a specific goal to ensure success. Once you define your specific goals, you can develop a strategy that works in their favor.

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Therefore, it all starts with your goals. What are some examples of clearly defined goals? Improving teamwork, business growth, increasing sales, and improving marketing strategies are some examples of clearly defined goals.

With having your goal in mind, you should design the event with a focus on your attendees. Think about how you will match their expectations or meet their needs.


Setting up your budget limits beforehand will have you prepared for all expenses connected to the event. Once you have a specific number on paper, you will prevent going over your upper limits.

Consider the type of event you wish to execute while having your available funds in mind. If you have organized events in the past, refer to them as a guideline.

Check if you have overspent on specific areas and correct them. Include the common event categories such as venue, transport, speakers, food, drinks, and other costs specific to your event type.

If your event is tech-related, you shouldn’t miss including wifi for events. This crucial step will ensure fast and consistent connection for a crowd, so count it in the budget.

Target Audience

When you have a clear target audience, make sure to understand it better. When you know the people, you can find ways to engage them and deliver value. In addition, reaching out to promote your event will be much easier.

You can start by defining the attendee’s persona and their characteristics. The following features are essential for events: age, gender, location, technological knowledge, and profession.

Let’s say that you intend to sell your digital marketing tools. Who would be interested in your event? Think about marketing and software companies as an excellent starting point.

Venue Choice

While choosing the ideal venue for your event might be tricky, the pandemic guidelines might make the choice harder for you. Keep in mind that you will need to adhere to the guidelines set by the health authorities.

Some of the standard regulations are regarding seating capacity and distance. Therefore, you should find a venue that will accommodate your guests while respecting the rules.

Find the available venues in your preferred location and find out if they follow the safety guidelines. Despite adhering to the legal requirements, ensure that the venue is attractive and convenient for your attendees.


Logistics isn’t only focused on food and drinks. Moreover, it is all about making sure every step of the process is performed as planned.


For a successful event, you should assign an organizer, which will ensure smooth execution. They will accommodate the external vendors, answer to their requirements, and solve any occurring problems.


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