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Make Your Corporate Video Production More Engaging and Save Money

When it comes to corporate video production, boring is not allowed. Why? It’s because people are not interested in watching a video that has nothing but talking. What they want are videos that entertain them.

If you’re looking for ways to make your corporate video more engaging, then get interactive. Interactive content can be used to engage the viewer with quizzes, games, or even polls. These videos allow viewers to interact with the content on-screen by clicking links or answering questions.

Keep it Short and Sweet, But With a Clear Call to Action

Everyone has watched a corporate video that has you yawning in minutes. Most corporate video content suffers from this problem. They are boring, people lecturing, and do very little to keep you engaged. Let’s change this. Corporate video production can be engaging.

How? By using interactive content that is more entertaining and allows the target audience to engage with them. Give them the option to play games or answer quizzes. This way, they can interact with your content on screen by clicking links and answering questions. Interactivity is vital when it comes to making corporate video production more engaging.

Interactive questions that go along with your corporate video are an excellent way to ensure viewers are paying attention. Make the questions entertaining; they don’t always have to be serious.

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Incorporating humor into the quiz keeps the video from being too dry. Humor is a great way to keep them hooked. Also, include some trivia questions that are about your industry or company. Trivia is engaging and keeps people on their toes.

Games can be incorporated into videos as well. These games can include trivia. For example, a Jeopardy-style section of a video with trivia questions about your industry is a great way to keep people engaged. Some games can be played along with videos, such as word scrambles or crosswords.

There’s no doubt that interactive content helps make corporate video production more engaging for the target audience. The goal of these games is for viewers to have fun while learning something new.

The best part of interactive videos is that they allow you to engage with all types of audiences in different ways. This means they will be able to answer essential questions, which is great for customer service. In addition, these videos can be used to track audience feedback and see what they think about different aspects of your company or industry.

Customize the Video for Your Audience

Targeting the correct audience is critical. You have to know who will be watching your corporate videos, then tailoring them to that target audience.

Doing this means incorporating games and quizzes that people in your industry will enjoy. For instance, if you’re talking about finance, it might be beneficial to incorporate a game with money or stocks into the video. It’s all about adding what is relevant to them as viewers of the video.

Make sure these interactive parts blend well with the rest of your production. These games and quizzes shouldn’t take away from your message or seem out of place. If the video has a serious tone, then these games should be fun, but not silly.

However, if you have a more lighthearted corporate production that’s entertaining rather than informative, being silly is okay. The tone, information, and interactive parts all need to align with the message being shared and with who it is being shared. This means tailoring your videos to the correct audiences.

Use Graphics that Match the Tone of Voice You Want to Convey 

Graphics are an element that can add interest to videos. Graphics can add information to what is being talked about or make videos more interesting. It is not hard to add graphics to a video project. Most would think that you would have to have corporate video production companies add them, but they can be added with simple software from most computers.

Graphics can be added to the background of any video with a green screen. A green screen backdrop is placed behind the subjects in the video and can then be removed in post-production. When using this method, green screen lighting is essential. The green screen must be lit evenly for the process to work correctly. Knowing how much light a green screen requires takes a little bit of trial and error but can be quickly figured out.

When deciding on graphics to use, remember that bright colors can distract when they don’t match what is being talked about in a video, or if it doesn’t fit with the tone of your corporate video. For example, using dark grays and blues for serious videos would be fitting. Match your tone of voice, so they don’t seem out of place. You can check this by using different ai voices and see which voice tonality you prefer.

Graphics should be consistent throughout the video and have a purpose. They can add information to what you are talking about, but not all graphics need to do this. Graphics need to blend well with videos and convey a message when appropriate for them to be there.

A great way to incorporate graphics is by using them for transitions. These can be used in place of a black screen or fade out/fade-ins that are commonly used when transitioning between scenes of videos. They help keep viewers interested and engaged throughout the video, making corporate video production more engaging for everyone involved. This means they will pay closer attention to the video and learn something from it.

Creating engaging corporate training videos can be more cost-effective than standard training methods. Video allows you to replay them over and over at no extra cost. Traditional training methods require human cost each time someone is present and teaching. If your corporate videos are done correctly, they can be more engaging than an actual person that is teaching.

In Conclusion

It’s essential to plan your corporate video production correctly, considering the tone you want it to have and who will be watching it. For example, you can implement a variety of interactive games or quizzes relevant to people in your industry and graphics throughout the video.

Having high engagement in your videos will save you money in the long wrong run by eliminating retraining. This means it can be more cost-effective for you to come up with creative ways to entertain and inform with corporate videos than through traditional training methods.

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