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How Do I Create a Kickstarter Campaign?

Several creative entrepreneurs have reached and exceeded their funding goals through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Even though two out of every three Kickstarter projects are unsuccessful, you can still have a tremendous amount of success on the platform if you are eager to put in the effort and time required to create an outstanding campaign.

While a company can use Kickstarter to launch a campaign, other options, such as Double Jump, are available. This platform assists startup companies, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and visionaries tell their stories using professional Kickstarter video production services. They have experience working with businesses of all sizes, from neighborhood mini-golf courses to significant undertakings for a well-known corporation.

Making and executing an effective campaign requires considerable time and effort. However, if one has sufficient background information, achieving one’s goals shouldn’t be too challenging. Here are the following steps to guarantee that your campaign is a smashing success.

Create a concept that is marketable and worthwhile

Before launching a campaign, make sure that you are entirely convinced of the merits of your idea.

You have to give people a good reason to help you. Keep in mind that you are

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and your story simultaneously. Even if they don’t care about the final product, many people are more interested in being a part of the creative process—the more compelling your story, the more likely others will want to get involved.

Construct a timeline for your project

Establishing a timeline for your project is essential because it will determine the number of essential factors. It includes the length of time your crowdfunding campaign should run, the time it takes to achieve the final product, and the dates you will send the rewards to your backers.

However, longer campaigns risk hitting a stalemate because projects pick up steam in the beginning and end stages but sputter in the middle.

Make sure your campaign isn’t too long or too short so that your backers don’t get bored and abandon the project. Your backers will be disappointed if you rush to finish your project after the campaign ends, so give yourself sufficient time to complete it.

Outline your funding objective

Establish the set amount raised to manufacture your product as your goal. You will be able to reach your goals more quickly and attract a more significant number of backers if you do this.

When determining your funding goal, you must consider the costs of production and manufacturing, employees’ salaries, the business’s overhead expenses, such as rent, and the costs of packaging and shipping.

Make an exceptional Kickstarter campaign video

Putting together a fantastic video for your campaign can take some time, but having one available on your page is necessary.

Only 30% of projects on Kickstarter are successful without a video, but those that do have one have a 50% higher chance of success. When someone visits your campaign page for the first time, your video’s thumbnail will be the first thing they see. As a result, make sure it’s well-thought-out, welcoming, and sure to capture the interest of any potential customers.

Additionally, begin by introducing yourself and your project in your video, then ask for support by describing your rewards and explaining why you need to meet your campaign’s funding target.

Get the most out of any social media platforms

Utilizing social media platforms is an excellent method for promoting your campaign and ensuring its success. Make contact with the people who follow you on Twitter and Facebook and those who subscribe to your email newsletter and other social media accounts.

Set up a Facebook page for the project so that you can post regular updates and keep the community informed of your progress. Please don’t overlook the importance of reaching out to your backers and requesting that they help you publicize the project by sharing it with their networks.

Maintain regular updates while also promoting your project

When you reach a significant new benchmark, keep your audience informed by regularly posting on your campaign page and across your networks.

Providing updates like 25%, 50%, or 75% funded will encourage backers to contribute to the project’s success. With regular updates on important milestones, videos, photos, and important team events, your backers will remain excited about your project and feel more invested in it.

Final Thoughts

If you have concluded that you would like to give crowdfunding a try for yourself, take some tip or two from this article, and start an incredible Kickstarter campaign! If you keep it up-to-date and run it well, you can use platforms like Double Jump to assist you in advertising your brand and coming up with creative projects and ideas.

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