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Learn How to Create a Link to a Website Including Hyperlinks

Get this: There are more than 1.7 billion websites on the Internet right now.

Wondering how to create a link for your website?

Learn How to Create a Link to a Website Including Hyperlinks

If you are tired of asking yourself “What is a website link?” – we’ve got you covered.

Expand your knowledge about websites by learning how to create a link to a website. Follow these tips and points including how to make a hyperlink today!

Hyperlinking Long URLs

Even though it may seem complicated at first, it’s actually quite easy to begin hyperlinking long URLs. Here’s what you need to do.

First of all, you’ve got to enter your website editor and cut and paste your desired URL. Next, place your cursor over your chosen phrase to highlight it. Then, press the icon that looks like a chain link, which is usually found at the top of the toolbar.

Once you’ve highlighted your text and click on the chainlink icon, a box will appear. All that you have to do is punch in your preferred URL into the field that says “Link URL.” Now, click on the “Insert” button at the bottom of your dialog box!

Hyperlinking to a File

To hyperlink to a file, log into your computer and click on the page that you’d like to create a link to. Next, find the chainlink button and click on it. Then, find the “Browse Server” button to pull up your chosen file.

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Once you’ve got your favorite file open, upload it to your website editor and click on it when it is finished. At this point, you should see the file’s URL in the URL section for your link. Hover your mouse over the “Target” button and make sure that the file opens up in a new window.

After you press the “OK” button, scroll your mouse on your screen and save your work. The last step is simple: Verify that it links to the proper file by testing out your brand-new link!

HyperLinking Within Your Site

If you’d like to hyperlink to a certain page on your site, click on your chosen page and highlight the site’s URL. Then, copy your given site URL into your clipboard and follow the instructions that we’ve mentioned above.

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Curious About How to Create a Link to a Website?

Still curious about how to create a link to a website?

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