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How to Create a Unique Customer Service Experience

With customer service changing at an alarming rate, how can you tailor the customer service experience to each person you serve? If you’re part of a small company or starting your own business, where do you begin?

It may seem complicated, but if you follow the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll find it a lot easier than expected to deliver a customized experience every time.

1. Invest In Quality Training

To deliver the best customer service, employees must be equipped with the correct knowledge and skills to create that experience. The best way to do that is to invest in customer service coaching, which will educate employees on the best and most effective ways to communicate with customers.

If a customer faces a problem, a simple automated response won’t cut it. To ensure your customers feel valued and heard, a live response is often best for handling the situation. Take the time and money to invest in the training to set your company and employees up for success.

2. Deliver Timely, Reliable Responses

However you respond, the important part is doing it in a timely fashion. Making customers wait can decrease their retention on a website, as they will leave to find another supplier or company that will deliver upon their expectations. If long wait times are to be expected, communicate that with your customers.

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Provide general information that can answer most questions and, if possible, a way for customers to wait in a virtual queue for assistance. Doing so enables them to go about their day with the reassurance that they will receive a call back once someone is able to speak with them.

3. Generate Personal Correspondence With Customers

Whether you run a large or small business, communication is key. Common practice on Etsy allows customers and sellers to communicate directly through their platform for any questions and concerns. Occasionally, sellers will reach out to customers for questions and reviews about their experience.

The highlight of communicating personally with customers is that they not only grow to trust the seller but have a great customer service experience. One way to make the customer feel important is to generate a custom coupon code for them with their name in it.

If your company offers samples, generate a code for clients to use to try your product. The quality service will leave them satisfied and more likely to share that experience with their friends.

4. Follow Up With Customers

Once your customer makes a purchase, you may think that’s the end of the interaction. It doesn’t have to be! Following up with your customers to check on them, especially after a negative experience, can improve customer retention and improve the quality of service overall!

Take the time to write an email with a personal touch so that your customers know they are valued, and that their satisfaction isn’t just part of a slogan, but a genuine concern for your company to meet. Reaching out to customers may bring you a more positive review, and potentially more customers, as they are more likely to discuss your excellent service with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Customer service is rapidly evolving from faceless corporations to a more personal connection. Stay ahead of the curve by investing in your company’s customer service department so that they are better equipped to handle any potential issues that arise.

They are the front line for your company, and the most interaction your customers will have with you. Make sure that customers feel heard and cared for when interacting to ensure you find favorable reviews and discussions later on.


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