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Amazing Things You Can Create and Sell With Your Own 3D Printer

We all are immensely excited to explore the possibilities of additive manufacturing technology.

Amazing Things You Can Create and Sell With Your Own 3D Printer

While the majority of the 3D printed ideas are cluttered with non-functional items, miniatures, and other objects that aren’t very useful in day-to-day lives, this does not suffice the capability of 3D printing processes.

There are plenty of designs which can help you make some quick money too.

So, let’s check out some of the amazing things you can print and sell using your own 3D printers. In case you need some smart 3D printing tricks, do not forget to check Pick3DPrinter.

Jewelry and Accessories


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You can find a number of 3D designs for pieces of jewelry and accessories scattered around the online repositories. You too can create such items by owning a 3D printer. The profit will depend on the amount of investment you are ready to make.

For those with limited funds can go with plastic-painted pieces of jewelry. However, businesses that want to make huge gains can go for industrial or professional 3D printers for creating pieces of jewelry with gold, silver, and many other metals.

It is possible to have a huge range of products under your hood. What’s fascinating is the capability of these printers to expedite your production time even after enabling multiple modifications.

Print Medical Tools and Equipment

medical tool used on a person

Another wise way to earn money is by selling 3D printed medical tools and equipment. Using these machines, it is easier to come up with customized designs including amazing upgrades. Additive manufacturing is becoming very popular in the medical industry. This is the best time to reap the benefit while there still aren’t many competitors to fight with.

Home Decor Items

a variety of vase colors

Not limited to just miniatures, and showpieces, 3D printers can create many smart gadgets to help make homes more organized and beautiful. From table lamps to racks to cable organizers, you can actually come up with smart and cool ideas to make your designs desirable.

Plus, you can easily manage your investment plans. Most of these items for home décor purposes can be made using PLA and ABS with the help of affordable desktop 3D printers. Or else, if you wish, you can also include designs created using expensive material and different 3D printing processes.

If you’re interested in more items that you can create and sell with your own 3D printer, check out  Pick3dprinter.com’s list of 60+ Coolest Things People 3D Printed this year!

Print and Sell Toys

a girl with a toy animal

Yes, you have heard it right! Printing toys for selling can become one of the most wonderful ideas of all. With 3D printers, it is easy to customize the designs of toys to suit individual demands. The time has gone when kids can easily be flattered with a push car. Today, children seek uniqueness.

Therefore, you can certainly bring a variety of new toy ideas and designs for children using 3D printers. From board games to beautiful drones to modified blocks, the technology can make toys diverse and interesting.

Parts for Aerospace and Automobile Industry

a type of a tool

3D printing allows us to create lightweight parts that are strong when compared to the ones manufactured using conventional methods. Therefore, the demand for this technology within the aerospace and automobile industry is gaining pace.

You can certainly use the opportunity to build your businesses around it. However, you will require great knowledge of 3D design and printing when offering such a service.

Alternatively, if you have the budget, you can also hire experts to do the job. Remember, you still need some knowledge related to 3D printing to run the business.

Print Food and Sell

a tool used for bread

This may have sounded funny a few years back. However, currently, with so much happening around the additive manufacturing industry, 3D printing food comes as no surprise. Take the example of Food Ink, the world’s first 3D printing restaurant. The restaurant not only prints food for its customers but has 3D printed furniture to sit as well.

You can too print food, on a smaller scale, if not planning a huge investment. There are many food items one can make using 3D printers. From pizza to chocolate to a lot of other recipes, it is possible to print many varieties to awe your customers while keeping your profits soaring.        

The Conclusion

There are many individuals who have been using their passion to earn a living. With 3D printers, people are giving life to their imagination and are also selling those products to make money from the comfort of their own homes. So, why can’t you?

If you too have the zeal to make something of your own, why not make some profit out of your creations? Use these amazing suggestions to create wonderful items with your own 3D printer and sell the same for added benefits.

You can also add upgrades to the designs available on the online repositories or create designs from scratch, whatever suits your expertise and goal. Follow the proper printing guidelines to ensure precise and accurate results. And, watch the purchase orders keep surging.


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