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Whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive, an educationist or just anyone who has to interact with many people on daily basis. Using presentations to make explanations a quick affair is great choice, but creating one is definitely a hectic task. brings a highly useful platform for all such people whereby they can create  great presentations with a voice-over narrative from anywhere. Yes, right from your mobile!

These presentations can be shared with individuals and groups who can access them via browser and your audience can play back your full audio-visual presentation as well.

Let it be engaging your students, teams, clients, investors or explaining your concepts in a much better way, it works as an all in one solution.

Audience can provide feedback by appending audible comments to any document which makes it more convenient as well as a great tool for research. logo in Their Own Words:

We faced a common challenge that all startups struggle with – how to reach out and tell your story clearly to potential investors, customers and partners. Sharing silent slide decks or lengthy reports just doesn’t cut it. We decided to hack together a solution that would let us quickly create interactive audio-visual presentations on our iPad.

You can share the output in a form that can be played back in its full glory in any web browser on any device. Our solution, which we named, helped us share our ideas and explain our concepts quickly and precisely from anywhere.

What Brings in Spotlight:

An interactive mobile-first user experience that lets anyone create great presentations on-the-go on your mobile device, a great deal of options, engagement process etc all makes it a must try for all those who want to enhance productivity. Website: