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Create Paid Channels for Your Slack Group in Minutes with SlackPass

Sometime back, Slack just started replacing email for teams, but now it’s more of an engaging and personal space for communities. So, if your audience in growing, you must be thinking of distributing some paid content. However, monetizing content for online communities is not that easy. It involves a lot of programing to set user permissions, payment gateway integration and a lot more.

SlackPass makes your life easier, by allowing you to provide your community with premium services without worrying about the technical details.

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Let it be exclusive content, live streams or extra support, all you need to do is to create a paid Slack channel by simply filling out a form and SlackPass will give you a beautiful invite page that you can share with your audience over social media, via email or Slack itself.

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The Free Plan is for you if you’re just starting up with premium content distribution, however, if you’re already into the premium services, with more than one paid offer, you must opt for a paid plan.  Depending upon your plan 7.5% to 12% of each payment is charged, but that’s all OK, when you’re moving your Slack Channel from free to paid one!

Do try the free plan to see how things go and you can always upgrade!

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SlackPass in Their Own Words:

Aside from an excellent team communication tool, Slack is proving to be a more engaging and personal space for online communities. Paid Slack groups, and channels make it easy to provide access to premium services, extra support and exclusive content for a simple fee, all within Slack.

SlackPass makes creating these paid Slack channels as simple as filling out a form. Name your channel, give it a description, a price and a billing frequency (one time, monthly, yearly) and we provide you with a beautiful invite page that you can share with your audience.


What Brings SlackPass to the Spotlight:

It’s quick, easy to use and makes Slack group monetization trouble free!


SlackPass Website:

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