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5 Reasons to Use Creative Commons Stock Photos

The old adage goes that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. In a digital environment where whole platforms operate on the concept of sharing images, getting the right photo is more important than ever. But how do people release and use images online while retaining credit for their work?

The ability to do this is down to the creative commons license. Read on as we discuss why you should use creative commons stock photos for your webpage.

What are Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organization. They provide a range of licenses that allow visual artists and photographers a way to license their work. It was created as an alternative to copyright laws that were not designed to be used in an online environment and were quite restrictive.

Why Use Creative Commons Stock Photos?

Creative commons photos have a number of uses. We have collected five of the best below.

1. There Is a Huge Choice

There are a plethora of free images out there that have a creative commons license attached. From pictures to adorn your retail brochure, to wildlife images, technology, and everything in between, a picture will be there to represent it. You just need to find the ideal one.

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2. Support an Artist

Artists and photographers will put out their creations as creative commons photo stock to build a reputation. They may want to increase social media followers, or simply get traffic to their own websites. Many of them will state that they want to be credited when you use the picture, known as attribution.

By doing this, you help promote their work while you get to use an image for free. Both the customer and the artist get something from it.

3. Range of Licenses

Stock photos come under a range of different creative commons licenses. Each of them is slightly different, allowing you to find one that has a copyright on it that suits your own purpose.

Some images may have to be used exactly as you downloaded them. You may be able to modify others, but only when attributed. Some are not available for commercial ventures, while for others it is perfectly acceptable.

Work out what you need the image for and what you plan to do with it. This will help you find one with the correct license.

4. Low Cost

Many images under a creative commons license are free. If not, you often pay a nominal fee to grant the license applicable to you. None of these will cost much, even if you buy the freest and adaptable of licenses.

5. Ease of Use

Getting bespoke photos is a long process. You need to hire subjects, locations, and a photographer to do the shoot. If you want a picture of something from a far-off place, it may even be impossible.

None of this applies to creative commons images. All you need is a quick online search and the picture will be with you in minutes.

Finding an Image

Think about what you need and do a search online. There are numerous creative commons stock photos under different licenses for you to use.

If you enjoyed this article, we have many more to help. Visit the rest of our blog today and let us guide you in your digital endeavors.


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