Creative Pint Glass Swag Ideas for Your Next Startup Promo Marketing Campaign

Startups often boast an exciting, accepting, and just cool company culture. That is one of the draws for many professionals to either join a startup team, or launch an entrepreneurial endeavor themselves.

“Startups have emerged in recent years as thought leaders in a variety of encouraging ways throughout the business world,” William Craig of Forbes explained. “By the time they’re done, office culture might mean something totally different to the next generation.”

Marketing startups is also pretty fun. There are a lot of fun ways to mix company culture with swag ideas for promo marketing campaigns. And we are not talking about a branded pen or sticky notes. Startups are trend setting businesses and their promo products should be pretty trend setting as well, like pint glass swag for instance.

A Bit More About Branded Pint Glass Swag

Launching a startup promo marketing campaign encompassing pint glasses means you will first need to get said pints. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, unless you want to handout run of the mill pint glasses, you need to do a bit of research. For instance, if your startup is all about sustainability and the environment, you will want to find Earth-friendly pint glasses that showcase your business’ mission, like Silipint pint glasses.

You also want to ensure your branding is on point when it comes to your startup swag as well. Can you just slap a logo on your pint glass and call it a day? Sure. But this is not that exciting. You probably put a lot of time into branding your business, so let it show with your pint glasses. You can create a themed logo, like cleverly replacing one of your logo letters with a pint glass, or having pint glasses in your brand colors.

Get Something To Wrap Your Pints In

There are some pretty cool ways to display or handout your pint glasses during your startup promo marketing campaign. The goal is to have the core swag idea (pint glass in this scenario) and then work your way out in a very creative way. This showcases your startup as unique, and gives people something to talk about.

One way to do this is to find a creative pint glass wrap that looks cool, but also protects the glass from breaking. For example, if you are an outdoor startup, you can wrap your pint glasses in miniature sleeping bags or pint glass sweater with your brand logo on them. You can even source a local creative todesign and produce these glass wraps, adding to the story behind this swag idea.

Serve Up Value With Your Pint Glass Swag

Any startup can give out pint glass swag as a promo product. But this is only half the battle. In order for your swag to resonate, you want to add value as much as possible. For instance, you can handout a chart of different types of craft beers, allowing those who receive branded pint glasses to learn a bit about the beer that goes in the glasses.

If it’s a company event, bring in a brewmaster from a local craft brewery to give a class about the different types of craft beer and how they are made. You can also do mixology if beer is not the top choice among your startup team. Whatever you choose, be sure to add value to the promo product by teaching your team or customers something cool and interesting.

Accessorize Your Startup Swag

A pint glass is pretty cool swag to get from a company. But you can go one step further with a little accessory that is relevant to the pint glasses. This could be a bottle opener, branded coasters, logo ice cube trays, and much more. The objective is to simply accessorize, giving those who receive your startup’s promo products a little more incentive, and an extra reminder of your brand.

You can even think a bit outside the box too. Maybe a physical accessory isn’t the best option. With pint glasses as your swag, you can partner with a local brew pub in order to give your team or customers one free pint of beer if they bring in your startup’s pint. That puts the pint glass into use, and is free advertising at the brew pub with other customers.

In Conclusion . . .

The above creative pint glass swag ideas are certainly not the only strategies for your next promo marketing campaign. They are, however, pretty clever and unique ways to bring your team together on a Friday afternoon, or your customers down the road. What promo ideas do you have or have implemented in the past for your startup? We want to hear from you.