Creo Medical Attracts $5.5 Million Investment

In its fresh round of funding Creo Medical was successful in attracting investment worth $5.5 million from two investors including Angel CoFund and Finance Wales.

Creo which is headquartered in Cepstow, South Wales is a medical device manufacturer  which offers a unique range of electrosurgical systems that will address a range of challenging medical problem. Creo Medical has developed many innovative medical devices.

Creo Medical Attracts $5.5 Million Investment

The funding will largely be used towards the development of CROMA platform, which is the new elecgrosurgical system in a generation. This investment will turn out to be useful and crucial for Creo as medical healthcare industry is growing rapidly over the last few years as population around the world is getting exposed to various new medical problems, which were unheard in the past.

Creo has been able to establish its brand well because of the advanced technology that they have been using. This has resulted in their IP portfolio expanding with over 18 granted patents and 73 patents which are pending in various areas of electrosurgical energy generation as well as control. The granted patents are available in Europe, US, UK, China, Japan, India and many more countries.

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