Crossword Giant PuzzleSocial Rakes in $3 Million From Investors

This social gaming company from New York has recently raised $3 Million from investors adding to $1.7 Million funding that was received during the previous two rounds.

So far the investment has come from two investors including the MD of DreamIt ventures and KiwiTech. PuzzleSocial has come up with new content-driven games and pass times which are focused on social networks and helps to create a more enjoyable and rich gaming experience.

PuzzleSocial image

Some of the games by the company like Daily Celebrity Crossword are already hot favorites and available on various social networking and mobile platforms. In fact, this game is already in the race of becoming World’s number one crossword puzzle.

The reason why investors have shown confidence in this start-up is the fact that more than 50 million people in America alone solve crossword puzzle every week.

As of now this market is highly fragmented and PuzzleSocial is doing its best to tap this market. It is trying to create a relevant, fun, mass- market cross platform that will provide the gamer with the best experience.

Irrespective of whether you are a novice or an expert you will find puzzle that suits your skill. As gaming is an ever-growing industry, this investment will come handy for PuzzleSocial.