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Crowdfunding for Artists & Researchers Made Easy by Ratafire

In the modern times, we so much surrounded by technology that we cannot simply live without it. But, imagine for a moment, if there would be no entertainment in our lives, how boring could be this technological lifestyle!

Well, these are artists who make our lives colorful. But unfortunately, they need parallel time to develop masterpieces that entertain you most. Unlike the tech startups, arts and research fields are not much noticed by investors, and as a result many masterpieces and much needed concepts die before they are born.

On part of artists and researchers; most of them cannot run full-fledged fundraising campaigns as they need to focus more on the project that they are doing.  This is where artist and researchers need some community support, which helps them raise funds as well as promote them to a broader audience.

Ratafire fills the gap very efficiently, by providing artists and researchers with a platform to raise funds for their projects as well as express their thoughts and ideas to a broader audience.

In the tech world, where crowdfunding has helped hundreds and thousands of startups; not much people considered helping the individual creators and some who help, do not do it for free. They charge them a good amount!

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Ratafire is free to use crowdfunding platform for artists and researchers where individuals can raise funds on on-going basis. Ratafire doesn’t keep anything, but the payment processors (Paypal and others) may charge you their standard fees.

So, if you or any of your friends is an individual graphic designer, a musician, illustrator, 3D artist, painter, a mathematician, a sociologist, or just any type of artist or researcher who is working on the next big thing in art, must get registered on Ratafire and let the interested investors help you make your dream come true.

All you need to do is to have a fundraising video and at least one work collection or a synced Facebook fan page to get listed on the site.

Once, you are live, make sure to update your work collection or Facebook fan page at least once in a month.

ratafire main image

Ratafire in Their Own Words:

We are making crowdfunding free and social. We help artists and researchers afford the time for creative freedom. Ratafire is the first free to use on-going fundraising site. We are making crowdfunding friendly to individual artists and researchers only.

What Brings Ratafire in Spotlight?

It’s free to use, interactive and provides artists with maximum ease in running their fundraising campaign, i.e. they don’t need to do an extra effort for pitching and updating if they are already maintain a Facebook page.

Ratafire Website:  https://www.ratafire.com

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.