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CrowdHall — TikTok Growth Service Review

It’s becoming more and more evident that the social media world is fast-expanding, and growing easily on the various platforms available is no longer as easy.

If you use TikTok for marketing your brand or showcasing your products and services, you’ll need to get more eyes on your products to enable you to reach your target audience.

But how can you achieve this if you only have a few followers and fans with very little engagement? Recently, I reviewed CrowdHall,  click here for one of the most reliable TikTok growth services in the industry.

If you’re trying to grow your TikTok account steadily and quickly, you should read this review.

What Is CrowdHall?

CrowdHall is currently the most prominent, easy-to-use growth platform for TikTok, very unlike regular TikTok bots. With CrowdHall, you don’t have to stress about growing your TikTok account, because you get a dedicated account manager focused on helping you grow your brand.

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That’s right, all you need to do is sign up to the platform and you’ll get expert hands to work “magic” on your TikTok account, causing your account to thrive. Of course, I don’t mean real magic, but with the right engagement activities they send to your account, the results are almost too good to be true!

With CrowdHall, you enjoy growth services like you’ve never experienced, an expert customer support team, and well-priced growth packages that keep you coming back many times for more.

Is Using a TikTok Growth Service Worth It?

One of the reasons why you’re asking this question is likely because you’ve heard some funny, bad, or incorrect things about growth services. Firstly, let me ease your mind. Don’t believe everything you hear. Sure, there are many shady growth services, but CrowdHall has stood the test of time as a reliable contender.

When I first started growing my TikTok page, it was quite difficult, to be honest. I put in so much effort into creating my content and at the end of it all, I only had a few clicks and engagements.

It wasn’t that my content was shabby, it’s just that many people on TikTok are spoilt for choice on the account to engage with on the platform. There are so many choices, so much interesting content, and so little time to consume them all. Getting people to notice your stuff is hard. It requires a lot of effort, time, and energy — and sometimes, some money.

Sure, TikTok provides lots of features like hashtags, challenges, and duets to help you attract attention, but there’s still the battle of the TikTok algorithm. Without prior marketing knowledge, it can be quite a challenge to beat the algorithm.

This is where your friendly neighborhood superhero, CrowdHall, comes in to save the day. A TikTok growth service like CrowdHall is highly essential for boosting your content and putting you in front of your preferred TikTok audience.

By outsourcing your TikTok growth to your growth service partner, you can completely quit worrying about boosting your content, and focus on creating content that matters. CrowdHall claims to be able to give you back 3 hours daily, of the time you would spend on growing your page for just a small fee!

So, How Does CrowdHall Work?

It’s simple, CrowdHall does not use bot engagement like other growth services. Instead, your dedicated account manager works with organic engagement to interact with your target audience on TikTok.

First, they set up a campaign for your account, depending on your specific needs. To determine these needs, you fill in some answers when you get started on the platform. Based on this information, once your campaign is set up, the CrowdHall team member assigned to your account will search TikTok for users within the scope of your target audience and follow them using your account.

It may take a while to set this up, but the results you’ll enjoy are well worth it.

Who Should Use a Growth Service Like CrowdHall?

TikTok may have started out as a platform for a younger audience, however, it is fast expanding and attracting a more mature audience. This means as a social media platform, brands, and organizations can reach their audience on TikTok even beyond younger users.

The result of this is that a wide range of individuals could leverage a growth service for exceptional and fast growth on TikTok. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Business Owners

A business owner typically juggles lots of activities, making them quite pressed for time. Using a service like CrowdHall to handle your business marketing needs solves the challenge of freeing up more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Working with CrowdHall takes away the burden of struggling with your TikTok marketing, especially if that’s not your strong suit. They provide marketing support beyond engagement, mostly since they have expert knowledge in marketing.

To leverage CrowdHall as a business owner, inform the team about your company from the beginning, so they can target your audience better. Let them know your preferred type of customers and your competitors which gives them a clearer picture of where to find target followers for your account.


One of the first requirements of being an influencer is the amount of followership you can boast of. Otherwise, who are you influencing with a few hundred followers? If you can’t afford a marketing team to grow your page and followership, CrowdHall is an efficient alternative.

Your dedicated account manager, just like a personal marketer, will work hard to grow your account while you can focus on creating great content that your followers will love and find useful. You can also take the time to develop your partnerships with other brands to drive better collaborations and even reach a larger audience.


As a marketer looking to expand your service to accommodate more clients, having an extra hand is never a bad idea. Your marketing processes can become much easier if you work with CrowdHall.

You no longer have to stress about the constant updates and changes to TikTok’s policies and engagement concerns. Your account manager takes on that responsibility.

Once you sign up and are ready to get started, debrief the team about your TikTok target audience, including their demographics, interests, and more. With this in place, the CrowdHall team can get to work, and grow your profile while you handle other revenue-bringing business activities.

What’s more, the clients or brands you handle will be happy with their results!

Some bloggers have been able to grow a good following on TikTok, but of course, it requires the input of time and effort. If you want to channel your TikTok audience to generate traffic on your website, you can work with CrowdHall.

The best way to achieve this is by finding competitor bloggers who are authority figures on TikTok, to provide the CrowdHall team a sample to work with when searching for your target audience.

Be sure to include a link that directs your new TikTok followers to your blog so you can convert them into loyal subscribers in no time.

Users with Other Social Accounts

You can use TikTok to drive more viewership to your other social media accounts, including Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and more. Sometimes, your TikTok content may vary slightly on your other social media channels. From TikTok, you can direct your followers to your preferred channel and convert them to more followers.

With CrowdHall, your swift TikTok growth will provide you with a new stream of followers directed to your other social profiles. Simply include the link you want them to visit in your TikTok page and make the most of calls-to-action in your videos, directing them to check out your other profiles or subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Alternatives to CrowdHall Plus Their Pros & Cons

If you’re not sure if CrowdHall is worth the purchase, there are many other alternatives to try. However, you should consider their benefits and downsides if any before you make your decision.

CrowdHall or TikTok Ads?

TikTok ads are a paid alternative to achieving growth on TikTok. But unlike CrowdHall, TikTok Ads uses fixed pricing. It doesn’t matter the results you get — whether good or bad — every month you pay the same fee. You may find this beneficial if you wish to set a specific marketing budget monthly.  With TikTok Ads, the cost for a follower is lower than CrowdHall’s.

CrowdHall or TikTok Bots?

Many growth services offer to use bots to engage with your accounts. Is this a better option for you? Judge for yourself: Bots put your account at risk of being suspended since they violate TikTok’s Terms of Service. Also, anything can go wrong with bots since they’re just software, and this can also put your account at risk — flushing your efforts down the drain.

CrowdHall or DIY?

Well, if you have the time and want to save your marketing budget, you may go for it. You may learn a thing or two about marketing, but you also waste away precious time that you can use to do other vital activities.

DIY is time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time — maybe if you handle numerous clients or run your business singlehandedly. Again, growing your TikTok account yourself requires that you have some expertise in marketing. If you don’t, you’ll have to spend even more time learning!

Outsourcing your TikTok growth to a platform like CrowdHall is always the more beneficial and obvious choice.

How Many Followers Can You Gain on CrowdHall?

Answering this is tricky, as there are many factors that determine how many followers you can possibly gain when you work with CrowdHall. The most important one is your TikTok niche.

There are a variety of niches on TikTok, including fitness, fashion, lifestyle, education, art & crafts, comedy, and so much more.

Not all these niches are great for a platform like TikTok. However, this does not mean that you can’t gain significant growth on any platform. You can start with a test run for a few months to see how well you do. If you’re confident and happy with the results, you may continue!

Pricing & Plans

There are different rates on CrowdHall depending on the service you wish to purchase. For TikTok Views, prices start at $2.49. For TikTok Likes, it starts at $1.19, while for TikTok Followers, you may get started at $1.89. Affordability all the way.

CrowdHall offers refunds for payments, but you must be eligible to receive them. You can go through their detailed refund policy to guide you on your eligibility.

FAQs About CrowdHall

If you have more questions about CrowdHall, here are some answers curated for you:

Is their Customer Service Reliable?

CrowdHall is focused on leaving no customers behind — having supported over 15k businesses in their growth. Your dedicated account manager is always available to run your complaints by. Their goal is to work with you to achieve your desired results for your TikTok page.

Will I Need to Provide My Login Details?

All you need is to provide the URL for the account or video you wish to boost and leave the team to do the rest. Once you’ve paid through the secure payment platform, you start to see real-time results delivered to your account in a short time.

Are There Coupons or Freebies for Users?

While it’s unknown whether coupons or discounts are available to users currently, CrowdHall does offer freebies like Free TikTok followers, likes, and views. To access these, simply visit the website and scroll to the bottom of the homepage to try the service for free!

Will You Try CrowdHall Today?

With the dedicated growth service that CrowdHall provides, you no longer have to struggle through growing your TikTok account any more. Outsourcing the time-consuming aspect of TikTok growth for a small price can help you free up your time to allow you to focus solely on content creation.

Leave the stress to CrowdHall, they’re well-skilled to handle it.

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