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The Hottest Cryptocurrency Investments in Canada for 2023

Cryptocurrencies are rising in the last year, attracting more public wanting to invest in them every day. However, cryptos are assets with a fairly high volatility risk.

Below we offer you a list if you want to know some methods that help you better manage your investments in Cryptocurrencies. Or if you’d like to know the Cryptocurrencies with the best growth rate in the last years.

Methods to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Betting

Online gambling in Canada may not be considered an investment but rather an ‘entertaining’ activity. However, these can be very beneficial, managing to multiply our initial investment. However, the best thing to start with is establishing a capital limit to avoid losses. We must consider that luck can play us both in our favor and against, so using this method over the classic investment as the main income source is not recommendable.

Although, this does not mean that casino games do not allow you to bet with Cryptocurrencies and win. If we use efficient betting tools and strategies we can obtain great results.


Holding is an easy way of investing based on buying cryptocurrencies that are beginning to appreciate in the market, that is, whose price is rising. In this way, the money is kept stable in the wallet until it doubles or triples its initial value. After this, you can sell it and make a juicy profit.

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However, it is crucial to know that this method is quite slow, and it can take around three years to generate satisfactory profits. So if you want a fairly effective but slow method, holding is for you. But if you want to make constant profits in the shortest possible time, you must check out trading.


Cryptocurrencies do not generate any income by being still. That is why we must move assets, trading them around to generate the profits we are looking for. With trading, those who don’t risk, don’t win.

A good trader stands out for maintaining his growth, however small it may seem, which comes with a lot of experience in this field.

Crypto Bubbles

The bubble phenomenon is a method that helps to probe the market to invest in cryptocurrencies in a good way. The method is based on a constantly growing line, creating what is known as a “bubble”. The price of cryptocurrencies rises and falls for different reasons, creating the aftermentioned shape.

For example, it changes negatively when several investments with too many assets and power, known as ‘whales’ withdraw their money to other markets. Usually, this system is used as an alarm situation when the bubble is close to bursting, and the previously sky-high price would plummet. Monitoring and learning bubble patterns can help us not only avoid losing money but even make a profit with the right trade.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In?


This is the cryptocurrency with the most media coverage and the strongest trading volume, excluding Stablecoins. Despite the great increase in competition, Bitcoin continues to be the cryptocurrency market giant, absolutely dominating the virtual money market according to many experts.

The growth in value of Bitcoin is fascinating, with an average in the last five years of more than 300%. Only during 2021, a rather complicated year for the economy due to the pandemic issue, the cryptocurrency reached one of its highest peaks, rising by up to an average of 80%.


If you want a perfect Cryptocurrency to invest in, this is the coin of choice. It is also the second crypto in the market, not only in media but also in economic impact,  behind Bitcoin. This arrangement has been repeated year after year for more than five years.

However, the gap significantly closed in 2021. This year the impressive advance of Ethereum quintupled that of Bitcoin, demonstrating its high level in terms of the digital market.


The Stellar network and its currency have seen quite a bit of success for users recently. Its currency has made satisfactory progress so far this year, rising more than 150% compared to other market coins. These numbers are quite similar to those in 2020.

The network stands out as an efficient virtual platform in which we can integrate all cryptocurrencies into the same wallet. In addition, through the platform’s services, it is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies for currencies of daily use.


These Cryptocurrency beginnings intended to minimize transaction costs and overcome the scalability drawbacks of other Cryptocurrencies on the market. Dashcoin now offers investors a revolution for the traditional economic system thanks to instant payments with incredibly low commissions.

Dashcoin is doing everything possible to promote the use of digital currencies with quite innovative proposals, such as the addition of a Cryptocurrency debit card. Dash has left very good impressions and is looking very reliable to users in the last year.

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