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4 Main Things About Curbside Pickup Business

Necessity they say is the mother of all inventions. The times we have found ourselves in have necessitated the need to proffer solutions that would increase our chances of staying alive. This pandemic has taught a lot of businesses the importance of innovation and creativity.

4 Main Things About Curbside Pickup Business

Various organizations had their profit projections for various quarters of the previous year, but these forecasts had to be jettisoned due to the pandemic. Again, a lot of businesses have had to cut down staff and reduce their expenditure budget to the barest minimum, because the probability of earning a dollar tomorrow is not very certain.

The curbside business had to come alive to bridge the gap that existed due to the current global situation. This business is simply trying to protect both the employees and the customers.

The aim is to ensure that revenue is still being generated while trying to maintain safety precautions.

1. What’s a Curbside Pickup Business?

This is simply a situation where the seller allows the buyer access to the goods purchased without granting him or her access to the physical store.

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The goods bought are delivered to him or her in the car. Some even go the extra mile of making sure that there is no physical contact. The employee drops the purchased goods in the trunk of the car and the owner confirms the order by sending the agreed signal.

Curbside pickup business is a new line of delivery service that has been created to reduce physical contact.

Experienced businesses have adopted a more strategic approach, this detailed review throws more light on the above line of business. Any business that wants to have a hitch free run must adhere to all laid down rules and regulations of all legal authority around its environment. They must also pay strict attention to public health practice practices.

Another important thing that you should note is that it is very vital to organize and train all staff that would be in charge of packaging and delivering the goods purchased.

The order of arrangement should be known by all and safety measures should be employed. Masks and hand gloves should be worn before touching the purchased goods. If the goods are not edible, it should be sprayed by sanitizers before it is assembled and delivered.

2. Pick up spots

This has to be assigned to each customer, and it must have been communicated to them before their arrival. This communication can be done by putting a call through to the customer or through text. Those assigned with these tasks must ensure that no two customers have the same parking spots at the same time.

Again, they must also give space between the allotted pick up time and give room for lateness. Although they must emphasize the importance of being punctual to all their pick-up clients.

3. Verification

In other words, for the organization to avoid being a victim of fraudulent individuals. All those in this line of business need to ask for a form of identification from all their pick-up clients.

The identification should be subject to a form of verification before goods are handed out to clients. It’ll be a very wise decision if the business has a functional recording device in the premises where customers’ cars are parked.

Now it’s also very key to determine what method of the curbside pickup business you’re adopting. Whether the employees would directly give customers their orders and avoid any form of touching.

They would also wear protective gear, masks, and gloves all in a bit to avoid any form of contact or the probability of being at close range with the customer.

4. Alternatives

Furthermore, the other alternative to this is the trunk approach, where the designated employee drops the package in the trunk of the car. Although the verification approach looks unachievable using this method, customers can be asked to drop their identification documents in the trunk of the car. This would enable the employee to confirm this before delivering the package.

Customers should be informed beforehand of the mode of delivery. This is because some of them might not have the automatic button to control their trunk. It’s essential for them to manually keep their boots opened, before the arrival of the employee assigned to deliver their ordered items.

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A wise man once said innovation is the key to sustainability and this has been the key driver for most businesses. The beauty of this approach is that even after the pandemic is over. The curbside pickup business can still be utilized as one of the delivery options available in stores and outlets. The most important thing is that employees should ensure that orders should not get mixed up.


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