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Custom E-Commerce Packaging: What You Need To Know

Consumers need more to expect timely delivery of their goods; they also want a pleasant after-sales experience. Using branded packaging for e-commerce leads to higher customer retention and new customer acquisition. Nowadays, e-commerce packaging has developed, promoting and distinguishing products instead of just protecting them in transit.

You can read the complete overview of e-commerce below to gain a better understanding of what it is and its advantages.

What is E-Commerce?

In e-commerce, goods, and services are purchased and sold electronically, or funds or data are transmitted over electronic networks, primarily the Internet. It has limitless reach; that’s why customers can reach you all around the globe. Also, it is convenient and accessible, allowing you to make quick purchases, compare prices, and save time and money.

What is E-Commerce Packaging?

A container used to deliver the product to a customer’s doorstep is called e-commerce packaging. It doesn’t only attract customers but also protects the product so customers receive a functional item. As it is the first thing that customers see, you have to make it attractive to leave a long-lasting impression.

What Includes In The E-Commerce Packaging?

There are different considerations in e-commerce packaging for different types of products. You can choose the best type to protect your product and attract customers.

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  • Outer Packaging
  • Shipping Packaging
  • Infill for Packaging

Outer Packaging

A product’s outer packaging protects it from other environmental factors. It can be a fabric bag, folding carton, or paper tube. Using a paper tube is a fun way for customers to open their packages. In addition to being eco-friendly, fabric bags give your product a premium look. Furthermore, folding cartons can also be an excellent option to add an extra layer of Protection. 

Shipping Packaging

A product’s integrity is ensured by its packaging. The majority of the packaging used by courier services is of this type. The best material for protecting products is corrugated cardboard, which most products are packaged with. You can also use poly mailers and padded mailers, but they are not environmentally friendly and are made from plastic, harming the environment and taking more than 300 years to decompose.

Packaging Fillers for Shipping

Once you have done with the outer packaging and Shipping materials, you must decide what the best infill material is for your product. These materials fill the empty spaces and protect products from damage.

The materials include packaging paper, crinkle paper, and bubble wrap. Among these materials, packaging paper is the most common, economical, and protective. It will not only fill the space, but you can also wrap it around your product to protect it from scratches. 

A second good filler is crinkle paper, which cannot wrap around the product. Lastly, using bubble wrap may be sufficient if these measures do not protect your products adequately. Breakable items can be protected with this flexible infill type.

How Does E-Commerce Packaging Benefit From Businesses?

Here are some reasons custom boxes are beneficial for the e-commerce platform.

First Impression

Custom e-commerce is the first thing that customers encounter before the product. And if your product has a good and appealing look, it will make a long-lasting experience that leads to repeated sales.

It is the first thing customers look at and think about your brand in their minds. Instead of dull, outdated brown boxes, it is good to use unique customized boxes.

Express Yourself With Fonts

 E-commerce businesses rely exclusively on typography to communicate with their customers. They must be clear, prominent, and readable. 

By paying attention to typography, you can communicate more efficiently with your customers. Make sure your writing is easy to understand by choosing a good color scheme and using an easy-to-understand style.

Branding Tool

The packaging also serves as a branding tool. Your brand will become more recognizable to larger groups of people by using this marketing tool, in addition to helping your business increase. Your packaging can include a logo, a name, and a business address to ensure potential customers can quickly identify your brand. For your customers’ convenience, include instructions on how to use your product, your brand story, or other informational stuff. 

Establish your brand’s credibility

Through transparency, you can develop your brand’s reputation as trustworthy. The products must be delivered exactly as described to achieve this goal which can only be possible through custom boxes. You can also use window boxes to give more value and demonstrate what’s inside. Consequently, people will be able to recognize your brand more efficiently and more likely to trust it. 


Custom packaging allows you to use sustainable materials that don’t harm the environment and will be an excellent way to attract environmentalists. In addition, it is economical, so even a small company can take advantage of it and impact its competitors.

Furthermore, make sure you indicate that your packaging is recyclable made from eco-materials. Because of its eco-friendly nature, your brand will also benefit from free online promotion by eco-friendly enthusiasts.

Stunning Unboxing Experience

Packaging will be able to leave an aesthetic impression on your Customers if it has an astonishing unboxing experience. In most cases, people make a video when unboxing an online product, either for security reasons if it is broken or to post it on social media. They can relate to your product and connect with it. As a result, they are also more likely to purchase from you again.

Giving Protection

Customers are paying for the functional product, and receiving a broken or dysfunctional product can be frustrating. So it is good to provide suitable packaging that is attractive and provides good protection to the product in the shipping process. 

There are different types of packaging offered by different custom box makers; for instance, use cardboard boxes if your products are lightweight and small in size, and if you are dealing with heavy or big-sized products, you can go with the corrugated box.


Is It Necessary To Have Attractive Packaging?

To connect with customers, you must create an attractive brand image. Your product packaging needs to be carefully designed for this purpose. E-commerce packaging can attract customers and protect your products as more people prefer online shopping over physical shopping. In short, you need attractive packaging to grow your business and distinguish yourself from competitors.

What Are The Requisites of Good Packaging?

Here are the Requirements for Good packaging given below.

  • It should protect the contents.
  • It should guarantee the economy.
  • It should be informative.
  • It should assure adjustability.
  • It should be attractive.
  • It should be pollution-free.
  • It should ensure convenience.

Custom Packaging Serves What Purpose?

A custom package is specifically designed for a company or its products for shipping purposes. As an alternative to standard and universal packaging, it aims to fit perfectly and protect the product.

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