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How to Launch Your Custom Sports Apparel Brand

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Sports have been an inevitable part of our lives since childhood. Excelling in sports is a sign of having the right attitude and sportsman spirit. It demands passion, focus, and dedication.

For all such reasons and more, it is very important to be comfortable while playing any sport. This brings up the concept of custom sports apparel, which should be easy to wear.

Now, when fashion is added to sports clothes, nothing can beat this lethal combination of style and well-being.

Having said that, sportswear brands are topping the fashion industry by offering style, comfort, and convenience. Moreover, the concept of creating customized sports clothing is the demand.

Clothes with self-created designs have become the first choice of laymen and sportsmen alike. Just-in-time sportswear is a rage where people can customize sports clothes and get them printed.

With so many benefits, starting a custom apparel business can be high returns on investment. Anyone with a vision to design clothes that suit sportsmen or fitness enthusiasts has a high chance of success.

These businesses have earned profit even during pandemic times. In fact, with good times ahead, outdoor sports clothing sales are expected to increase in 2021.

The Process to Start a Sports Wear Brand

The process of building up a business of wearables involves three things – Manufacturing, Marketing, and Retailing. All these aspects need unprecedented precision and flawless decision-making skills.

Let us walk through the steps of how to launch a custom sports clothing brand.

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To set up the custom sports apparel brand, one needs to know the manufacturing process from scratch.

Starting from selecting the right fabric, colors, designs, and adding personal elements to it; all should be covered before the actual manufacturing process starts.

So, it’s a well-thought process that demands a pool of experts who can think, visualize, assess the risks, and then design a strategy that earns short-term and long-term benefits.

Ideate the Brand Image

Brand creation starts with designing a logo and brand name. Your logo is your brand icon through which people will recognize you. So, make sure that the logo is bespoke, which conveys the brand’s message with its looks and message.

It should be professional yet easy to understand. Choose a significant brand name like Adidas which conveys the spirit of overcoming challenges.

There are many free/paid online logo design tools available in the market where you have to add a company slogan and image or find out experts who can design the logo.

Decide Launch Date

The clothing industry is dependent on season and weather. So, make sure you decide the launch date accordingly.

Summer season sports apparel is different from the winter season. So, once you know when you want to launch your brand, then figure out the different types of sportswear you want to put out in the market.

Create a Team that Works on all Levels

Whether it’s about designing stylish sportswear or designing an eCommerce website for printing them or even tailoring the actual wear, everything needs a team that works in full force, for the brand.

So, create a technical and non-technical team that works hand-in-hand to create the product.

Market Research

The first thing in the manufacturing process is to define the product line. And that can only be defined by in-depth market research.

Do market research, search on the web, visit retail shops, read blogs and print media and find our recent trends, where the market is growing, customers’ shopping behavior, etc., and ideate product range.

Product Line/Range

Once you finish the market research, now you have a vision and the product list you wish to create. Create a product range plan, which is an overview of your entire sports apparel collection. Make a list of style numbers and product names with colors and variations.

eCommerce Website

Going digital will help you to get more power so an eCommerce website is a must. check most preferred eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and decide which one to go with. You can hire experienced Magento developers to get your store online.

Sports apparel needs customization to give comfort, flexibility, extra fashion. So, decide what type of customization you want to give to your customers. And at the same time, research on what type of sports apparel design software is available in the market.

Check their features, customization limits are easy to use, what printing methods are available, etc.

A wonderful example is custom sportswear design software for eCommerce by Design’N’Buy with 3D design studio which allows customers to create and customize their own sportswear.

With a number of customization options, customers can create, preview, and print sports apparel for themselves or for their entire team.

For those who prefer to watch the video, here is a quick overview of how sportswear design software works:

Product Sourcing

If you have decided what time of material, the price range you want to offer to your customer, it will help you to find the correct product provider. Print-on-demand sites like printful help you in product sourcing. Check out how it works and make a plan to integrate it with your eCommerce platform.

Shipping Partner

Don’t forget to finalize, your shipping partner. You have a retail store, eCommerce store for your brand so your customer could be end-user, wholesalers, distributors, or marketplaces like Amazon. Check out the shipping partners and find out who can fulfill your shipping needs.

And the Sportswear Brand is Ready to Launch!!

With everything right in place, the custom sports apparel brand is ready to launch. Give it a kickstart by offering discounts on the website.

When best designs, finest quality fabric, and enticing prints are offered at affordable rates, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


To conclude, the above process gives a complete insight into launching sports clothing that is ready to print. Anyone trying to venture into this business can take pointers from here and jump in.

Just blend the best ideas, form the right team and invest in an excellent Web-to-Print solution. That’s it. Launch the business and create the brand. All the very best!!


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