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Top 4 Customer Experience Platforms In 2023

When a person is satisfied with the customer service you provide, they will immediately become loyal to your brand and promote the product.

A positive customer experience is vital for your company’s success because a satisfied customer is more likely to become a returning customer and act as a brand ambassador. It is a well-known fact that your existing customer base can primarily affect your profits, as do new customers.

The best marketing is done through a customer who will automatically promote your business through word-of-mouth. Providing good customer service is a crucial part of any business strategy as if your customers are unsatisfied, they will not return and might even post negative reviews.

However, it is not easy to understand consumer preference, as it is always changing and requires constant monitoring. A consumer insights platform can be a quick solution for gathering consumer insights. It can collect all the relevant data using powerful AI and sort it to save time.

An excellent customer experience is vital for the sustained growth of your business. Customer experience directly relates to customer satisfaction, which is essential to improve your brand value.

Customers have a plethora of choices in this competitive market, and if they do not like something about a brand, they will quickly move on to the other.

So to keep them loyal to your business, you have to make sure you are catering to their every need and providing a second to none user experience. You can gather customer experience in several ways or by using a customer insights platform.

However, if you want to collect consumer insight yourself, you can do it through:

  • Analyzing the survey results about customer satisfaction.
  • Monitoring the rate and reasons for customer churn.
  • Asking your customers for individual features or product requests.
  • Analyzing customer care support trends.

Top Consumer Experience Platforms


Revuze is one of the best consumer insights platforms in the market that provides a detailed automated customer insights analyzer tool. Its self-learning artificial intelligence technology is capable of providing in-depth data-driven insights into a product.

Revuze is a cloud-based platform that provides a laser-focused perspective of your customer’s opinions about your business and services.

With this platform’s help, you can instantly collect competitive and actionable insight from its advanced AI technology. You can understand your customer opinion better to form better strategic decisions.

This platform also helps you simplify market research by categorizing unstructured data into insights about your business. Some of the Revuze features are:

  • Category and Hierarchies Analysis
  • Topic Detection
  • Quick in-depth Insights
  • Clean, Classified, and Granular Data


Clarabridge is a customer experience platform that monitors consumer insights and digital engagement. It delivers enterprise-grade text and speech analytics solutions for companies focused on gathering consumer insights.

Clarabridge has an excellent AI algorithm that can help you extract insights from the internet with the help of machine learning. Then the algorithm uses this data to predict consumer behavior and make recommendations based on customers’ purchase intentions.

It is a great platform for companies and marketers with already established pipelines to interact with their customers. It can help you improve existing customer relationships by coming up with intuitive and engaging business strategies.

Some of the Clarabridge features are:

  • Collect data from multiple sources such as calls, surveys, chats, engagements, online ratings, and product reviews.
  • Evaluate your customer’s effort while engaging with your business.
  • Analyze the sentiment of the customer on an eleven-point scale.
  • Easily categorize the raw data into useful and relevant information.


ZenDesk offers a variety of solutions and products for different ranges of businesses. It is a versatile platform that stands out from the crowd because of its powerful CRM solution.

ZenDesk offers various packages depending upon your business needs and provides excellent features in all the plans. It has seven different programs that are designed to cater to specific needs. You can also choose to purchase all its tools and suites in a single package.

ZenDesk displays all your customer interactions in a single interface that has several features. Some of its interface features include web widgets, pre-defined ticket responses, etc.

Zendesk complete suite includes:

  • Sunshine CRM
  • Internal Help Desk
  • Powerful Customer Support


ClickTale is a cloud-based analytic software that helps you visualize your customer’s experience when interacting with your website.

You can aggregate these interactions in the form of reports and heatmaps. With the help of this tool, you can improve your website’s user interface and user experience.

This platform is well suited for any medium or large-scale companies looking for an intuitive tool to capture consumer insights.

ClickTale has a powerful aggregation interface that can sort the raw consumer insights data into relevant information for easy understanding. Some of the ClickTale features are:

  • Session Playback
  • Heatmaps
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Mouse Tracker
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Link Analytics
  • Form Analytics
  • Side by Side Comparison
  • Bounce Report
  • JS error Tool
  • Page Console


A consumer insight platform is essential to understand what your customer wants and how they perceive your brand. In this digital world, customers are very vocal about their opinion of a brand and share it on different social media channels.

If your brand’s customers are satisfied with your service, you will automatically receive free good marketing. You can utilize any of the platforms mentioned above to collect consumer insights and improve your user experience.


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