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The Secret to Building a Long-Lasting Customer Relationship — Revealed!

“See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.”

This simple quote highlights the most important element of carefully nurturing a customer relationship that creates loyal fans and repeats business.

The Secret to Building a Long-Lasting Customer Relationship — Revealed!

What does that look like in today’s business world?

You’ll be thrilled to know that there are three simple strategies that can help build a customer relationship, and keep them and satisfied. Keep reading to learn more.


We keep friendships strong with regular, honest communication. In fact, any successful relationship is based on transparency, and being available when we need each other.

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Following on from this is the increasing inclination towards sales resistance. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to, and when they do, they tend to shut down.

Therefore, we must train our customer-facing team to effectively communicate with people, remembering they are talking to human beings.

Teach them how to actively listen, how to ask questions, and how to respond with kindness and integrity. When they enter your store, your team’s excellent visitor management training will ensure they immediately feel warm and fuzzy.

Customers want to feel heard. They demand prompt responses to queries. Get this right and ensure that your online communication is not overtly sales-focused, and you will have engaged, loyal customers for life.

Manage Expectations

Nothing is more frustrating than unmet expectations. That said, we are all acutely aware of the fact that things go wrong, and people make mistakes. How do we crack this conundrum?

Successfully managing the fickle landscape of customer expectations lies in successfully managing them.

The old adage, “Under-promise and over-deliver” should be your mantra.

If you expect a product to be in stock by Monday, tell the customer you’ll call them on Tuesday. That way, when you call them on Monday, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Oh, and be honest. If you don’t know something or can’t fix a problem, tell them. And then offer information about how you plan to resolve it.

Track Data

Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM) are the unsung heroes of happy people, and the best way to build a customer relationship that lasts.

We all like to feel special. We like people to remember our name and the fact that we’ve been a client for 14 years.

CRM software connects all the dots and collates customer information into one central portal. This offers customer service staff access to insights on client behaviors and personal information that they can use when engaging.

Calling your customers by name, remembering important dates, and accessing their purchase history to assist in resolving queries cement relationships. In fact, using a person’s name is the best way to get their attention, is a sign of respect, and builds instant rapport.

Build a Customer Relationship for Life: It Makes Cents

Your relationship with your customer does not terminate after they’ve made a purchase. We want to keep them coming back, and to do that we must foster close, honest relationships with them.

This will certainly reduce the time and money spent on acquiring new customers, which adds to our bottom line. It’s that simple: build a customer relationship that lasts.

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