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Excellent Customer Service Is the Best Marketing Strategy

Businesses have every reason to provide satisfactory customer service but, nowadays, it is more integral to ensure that every patron walks away with a positive feeling.

Excellent Customer Service Is the Best Marketing Strategy

A disgruntled consumer would not just tell family and friends about their negative interaction with the business. They would go online to post reviews, complain of social media, and dissuade others from making any purchase.

That is why customer service and marketing go hand in hand. Consumers are no longer enticed by flashy advertising materials. They look for feedback from fellow consumers and base their decision to push through with a purchase based on the experience of other people.

Businesses should increase focus and resources toward improving customer service and integrate it into the marketing strategy. Here is how it can be done.

Why Customer Service

A business that wants to grow its client base will craft eye-catching marketing material that effectively communicates intent and influence the public to take the desired action which, in this case, is to buy. However, equally important is to keep the clients that you have spending their money on your products rather than your competitor’s.

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A survey reveals that seven in 10 Americans would spend more money on companies that provided outstanding customer service.

Clearly, customer service is an important factor for most consumers. They want to know that they are supporting a business that cares. They are, after all, spending their hard-earned money on the product. They want to be treated with respect, and they want to have an experience worthy of the cost that they have paid for.

Ignoring the complaints and concerns of consumers about the product shows that the business is only interested in making a profit.

There is also an incentive for businesses to try as much as possible to appease existing customers: they are easier to sell to. An existing customer is 60-70 percent more likely to make a purchase. In comparison, the odds of a new customer buying your product is only 5-20 percent.

Improving customer service as part of the marketing strategy creates better results. It leads to trust, repeat customers, higher spending, positive reviews, and overall a good public reputation.

Handle Returns and Repairs Thoughtfully

There are many reasons why consumers bring a purchase back to the store. They might have changed their minds, the product was not what they thought it would be like, or it is defective. There is already customer dissatisfaction when products are returned to the store, but the business still has a chance to improve the transaction.
The best way to do it is to handle returns and repairs with care.

Businesses should be ready to accept product returns. There should be a procedure in place and staff should receive training on how to handle requests for returns, replacements, or repairs.

Businesses will benefit from having a repair management software tool, which can make the process as seamless as possible. It can document, create an invoice, track parts, and manage the servicing of the product whether it is still under or out of warranty.

Customer Service Beyond Customers

Excellent customer service extends beyond the consumer’s willingness to make the purchase right away. The companions of customers or those who are “just looking around” should be treated with equal warmth and respect as you would a high-paying client.

Showing preference toward a specific client would only make the other person feel unwelcome. It creates negative feelings that will only discourage them from returning to the store when they are finally ready to make a purchase. It will also make the customer upset, too, if their family member or friend is being treated badly by the staff.

Excellent Customer Service Experience

Your customer service team should always be polite and friendly no matter what. The customer service team should be provided ample training. They will encounter irate consumers who will yell and say insulting things. They should be equipped with strategies that will calm the caller down in order to make the interaction as pleasant and as helpful as possible.

More importantly, they should be knowledgeable of the products and services that the business offers. At least, they should be able to be aware of the roles of each department, so they can pass the concern to another employee who has the capacity to address the customer’s complaint.

Many businesses focus all their efforts and resources toward marketing to potential new customers. However, retaining previous buyers by providing excellent customer service is important, too, for the survival and growth of the business.

Meta title: Why Customer Service and Marketing Go Hand in Hand
meta desc: Businesses should integrate excellent customer service as part of their marketing efforts. Consumers want to support businesses that provide them with a positive and memorable shopping experience.


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