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6 Customer Service Tips For Small Businesses

As you start running your business, you need to be cautious about every step that you take, as it could make or break your business.

6 Customer Service Tips For Small Businesses

When entering into the business world, you need to perfect your craft in every aspect of your business. You need to ensure that you have a great product, marketing campaign, good packaging, and excellent customer service.

When it comes to running a business, you shouldn’t forget about the importance of customer service as it’s your means to interact with your customers.

If you think that it’s only a small factor, you might want to check out small business stats to have an insight into the importance of customer service to your business.

Moreover, listed below are the customer service tips for small businesses:

1. Build Rapport With Customers

One way that your customer would feel special is to build a good rapport with them by trying to get to know them and remembering their names, what they look like, and what certain products they like in your store.

Ideally, you should make your customer feel comfortable about their shopping experience wherein they can shop as they like without the fear of being judged.

Believe it or not, some customers tend to avoid a particular store because they feel like the employees watch every step that they take.

2. Make Your Customers Feel Important

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Apart from identifying who your customers are, it’ll be great if you could make them feel important by tending to their needs and request as much as possible.

If you’re running a clothing store and notice that a customer is looking for a representative to ask a question, you should head to the customer right away to help.

When customers ask for a stock, you should head over to the stock room right away and offer to have them seated at the waiting lounge, or you can offer them some snacks and refreshments to keep them busy while waiting.

3. Be Fair To Every Customer

No matter how regular a customer is, you should always treat every customer equally.

Suppose you were in the shoes of a new customer and you can tell that the staff at the business is extra attentive to their regular client. In that case, you’d feel unfair and would instead switch to a different company where the employees will attend to everyone fairly.

When you treat customers differently, they won’t feel special and valued, like you’re only choosing people you’d like to attend to.

4. Provide Various Ways Of Communication

As you build your business, you should provide various channels for communication for your customers to reach you.

Not everyone is comfortable sending an e-mail because they’re too worried that they won’t be getting any response from the company because some companies reply to a query a few weeks after.

To allow your customers to get in touch with you, you should open different channels such as a dedicated telephone line, e-mail, chat support on your website, and social media accounts. The more media you have available, the easier it would be for your customers to reach you.

5. Respond Promptly

For your remote communication methods such as e-mail, phone call, and chat support, you should try your best to reply promptly as much as possible. Ideally, you should be able to respond within 12 hours to keep your customers informed on any concerns they may have.

With a speedy response, your customers will feel that they’re important and that you’re trying your best to provide the best service as much as possible.

6. Hire Great Employees and Be Good To Them

If you’re not running a business alone, and you’ll be needing employees to tend to your customers’ needs, you might want to hire an employee with excellent people skills.

Customer representatives need to have excellent people skills, and show great empathy toward their customers. They do their best to make them feel comfortable and valued.

Apart from hiring great employees, you should also treat them the same way you want them to tend to your customers.

When employees are frustrated or not happy with their work environment, you can’t expect them to be satisfied when serving others. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to make your employees happy to keep your customers comfortable.


Your customers are the heart of your business, and that’s why you should provide proper care for them by making them feel important and unique all the time. Always try to put yourselves in your customers’ shoes and understand what they’re going through.

Above all, being a great business owner will bring great wonders for your company as every employee is happy to stay with you and help you with customer service.


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