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How to Select Customer Software Service: 3 Features to Look For and 3 to Avoid

Customer service is a crucial part of any business, regardless of the company’s size. This is why choosing a customer service software system that provides you and your customer with everything you need is essential. Read on to learn how to pick a top-notch customer service software system by exploring the three features you absolutely need and the three dealbreakers.

1. KPI Analytics

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are a great way to measure and track how well your customer service team handles their call, emails, messages, etc. However, it can be difficult to manually track how well the team is doing. This is when you upgrade your tech.

Well-made customer support software will help you manage and track your KPIs and give accurate data on your team’s performance. Intelligent software lets you identify key areas of an individual’s performance that seem to be lacking and provides tailored training.

How does software help with KPIs? Useful features include:

  • Noting the percentage of blocked calls
  • Measuring the average time in queue
  • Measuring the average handle and call time
  • Asking and recording what customers felt about their experience.

This technology will help you and your team figure out problem areas, so you can make adjustments and improve your customer service team.

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2. Integration for Third Party Applications

Good customer service software will also integrate well with the rest of your technology and software. You don’t want to have to replace all of your technology and software just because you need to update one piece of your system.

With the right support, your customer service system will find it easier to move between features like business management software, eCommerce platforms, and live chat features. This is how you keep your business running efficiently.

3. Easy Collaboration and Support

You also want to ensure that the software you choose can connect people across departments with simple and easy-to-use chat features and messaging systems such as email, phone calls, and instant messages.

Improving communication across departments allows for problems to be resolved sooner. This lets your agents help clients faster and with access to better information. Instead of sending emails and waiting for hours or even days for a response, you can call or use a fully integrated internal messaging system to resolve issues sooner.

These three components are essential for any good customer support software. Now let’s talk about what to avoid.

What to Avoid

  1. High price. Many systems may include all the right features but are unreasonably expensive. These systems are often aimed at small businesses, so they should be affordable for small businesses. If the price isn’t right and the seller is inflexible, you can probably get it cheaper elsewhere!
  2. It doesn’t integrate well. One crucial factor for any customer service software system is that it integrates well with the rest of your system. If it can’t integrate, you’ll have to spend a fortune replacing applications that you might be perfectly happy with. Ask the seller about how their tech integrates with existing software.
  3. Hard to use. Your software system may have many features that sound great – if only you could understand how to use them! The seller should help you understand each feature and how to use it before you make a purchase. If you can’t get your head around it, you can’t expect more from your customer service team! Usability is essential.

Final Thoughts: Know What You’re Looking for

Getting a new piece of customer service software can be a bit complicated. However, if you know what you are looking for, you will have no trouble. Watch for the warning signs and find your perfect customer support software today!

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