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How to Get More Customers for Your Online Store

We live in a very tech-savvy and digital world and we can’t deny that online shopping has become increasingly popular.

How to Get More Customers for Your Online Store

Online shopping offers so much convenience, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home and on any device at any time. It is simply unmatched.

One thing we have to look at is what happens when customers are looking for an online store. How do they get them? In this article, we will explore how to attract potential customers with SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing in an attempt to increase sales.

It can be difficult to have an online store and gaining customers is not an easy job so here are a few things that you can do.

Run Competitions on Holidays

A great way to gain customers is to run competitions on holidays. What this means is that you should use the many various holidays to get people to enter competitions. It is a great time to get creative and theme your store to fit the specific holiday that you want to use for your competition.

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There are so many options to make holiday competitions a success. For example on Valentine’s Day, you can get people to post pictures of themselves and their partners or you can run a contest for Father’s Day, and with the help of services like Socital, people can post their plans and you get to choose the winners and give awesome prizes.

Competitions are a fun way to spread the word about your online store however it is important to remember to always keep the competition aligned with your brand. Another great idea is to enlist the help of a voting mechanic where participants win by getting their friends to vote.

Blog Content and Guest Posting

Another fantastic idea is to write informative blog content. This will boost your site’s SEO by bringing in customers organically and it will also encourage existing visitors to share your content. It is a great idea to have blog content in your marketing strategy.

Thoughtful and deliberate blogging can help you generate recurring inbound traffic, give you a way to promote products and it nurtures customer relationships all while being creative. You can blog in many different types of ways.

You can use the storytelling technique for example. A blog should add value, have clear goals, and build on your brand while being consistent. You can also do guest posting which is when you enlist the help of a guest blogger. This attracts traffic and you get to build relationships with peers in their industry.

Social Media and Competitions

Social media is very popular so you should definitely use it to get more customers. The most popular platforms to use are TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can partner with Influencers who get paid to promote businesses and brands. Influencers have a large and loyal following so if they promote your business, you have a high chance of gaining new customers.

You can also build your reach through organic marketing which is marketing without paid ads and sponsored posts.

Lastly, you can run competitions like hashtag challenges where you get people to upload a picture and use a branded hashtag.

The benefit is that you get people to use your branded hashtag and you generate more engagement and interactions because people like to win. You will also expand your reach to a wider audience.

Giveaways and Coupons

People love free things so having a giveaway is a fantastic idea. You can get people to sign up to your store as a call to action for the giveaway.

You can also take advantage of exit-intent popups which is a technique that is used by websites and online stores to keep visitors who are going to leave the site.

How exit-intent popups work is when the cursor moves outside of the upper page boundary, a popup window is shown.

It benefits you because you get to keep people on your site longer and have a giveaway and instructions in the popup.

Another great idea is to give coupons on social media or to every 100th visitor on your website for example. These are great incentives.


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