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5 Ways Customized Water Bottles Can Boost Your Brand

Research in marketing suggests that a logo is an incredibly important part of growing your brand. But designing a great logo is only half of the battle. The best logo in the world doesn’t mean much if your customers don’t see it.

So how can you get your logo out there where potential customers will take notice? You have many options, but one possible solution is to use customized water bottles. But, why exactly should you choose custom water bottles over the other options?

This article lists five compelling reasons why custom water bottles could be a great branding choice for your business.

1. Give Water Bottles to Your Local Sports Team

One great way to use branded water bottles is to give them away to your local sports team. In pretty much any sport, you need to keep hydrated. Therefore if you have your brand on the team water bottles, your brand could play a prominent role in the sporting event.

Not only will this help get your brand well known to members of the team, but it will also get your name out there among the spectators. Consider searching around to find all of the local sports teams in your area and approach them to see if they would accept some free water bottles.

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In most cases, a sports team would be delighted to receive such a gift. When you drop off the water bottles, you can also use that as an opportunity to talk to the team about your brand.

If you really wanted to go all out, you could create custom water bottles based on the team.

2. Give Water Bottles Away at Charity Runs

Another place where water is essential is charity-run events. People need to hydrate, so if you can get your company branding on the event water bottles, thousands of people will see your logo.

Charity runs are also a worthwhile event for your company as you can get your name out there as a company that works with charitable causes. Most charity runs will involve several water stations where runners can rehydrate.

Charity runs often look for local companies to sponsor these water stations. This could enable your company to have almost every event participant see your company logo.

Runners will also take the branded water bottles home, meaning they will see your logo every day for years to come.

3. Put Your Brand in People’s Homes

One of the main benefits of creating branded water bottles is putting your logo in people’s homes. Water bottles are the kind of thing you use every day for years on end. Getting people using your water bottle could do wonders for brand awareness.

Maybe someone who uses your bottles doesn’t need your services now. The need might arise in the future, and if it does, your company will be the first one they think of since they’re so used to seeing your brand.

Getting your water bottles into customers’ homes is also a great way to get them talking to friends and family about your services. Someone might ask what the logo on the water bottle is. This allows you to reach potential customers who may otherwise never have heard of you.

4. Promote Being Eco Friendly

Another significant advantage of creating custom water bottles is that it allows you to present your company as eco-friendly. Water bottles are eco-friendly as you reuse the same bottle over and over again rather than buying disposable plastic ones. In the long term, this can help the environment.

Many consumers only like to support companies known for taking measures to protect the environment. Giving out water bottles is a great way to communicate to the public that you’re a company that cares for the planet.

Of course, if you want to be eco-friendly, you’ll need to provide high-quality bottles. Giving poor quality bottles will actually have the opposite effect since people won’t use them long term.

Creating high-quality custom bottles also has the added benefit that your customers will hold onto them for longer. This helps to get your brand name out there.

5. Keep Them in Your Car

Finally, custom water bottles are a great product to keep in your car. This means that when the opportunity arises to promote your company, you have a great gift to give people.

For example, maybe you visit a tradeshow. That would be a fantastic chance to hand out some water bottles to members of the public.

Or perhaps you go to a business meeting? That’s another opportunity to give out some bottles and get your name out there.

In the world of business, you never know when you’ll have an opportunity to promote your brand. It can pay off to have good promotional materials to hand at all times to help you nail a sales pitch.

First impressions mean a lot, so giving a quality free gift can really help to impress people in that all-important first meeting.

Customized Water Bottles Can Grow Your Brand

If you’re a small business owner looking for a great new way to grow your brand, you can’t go wrong with customized water bottles. If you give people a high-quality bottle, your logo will likely find its way into people’s homes.

When people see your logo daily, it ensures your brand will be the first one they consider. If you want to learn more about some other marketing-related topics, check out the rest of our blog posts.


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