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3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest In Cybersecurity Awareness

Your business has thousands of moving parts going at any given time, especially if you use e-commerce or the internet as part of your day. That’s exactly why you need to take a step back, slow down your pace for a few minutes, and turn your attention to cybersecurity awareness.

In today’s cyber-focused world, it’s easy to assume everything we’re doing is secure. It’s the job of all the suppliers you use, the financial companies you partner with, and retailers to make their site secure, right?

Well, yes. But it’s also yours. Your customers and clients rely on you to protect your network so that their data is safe. If one hacker gets into your system, the damage can cost your company millions of dollars in lawsuits.

Not convinced yet? Here are three reasons why you should invest the resources into having your staff trained in cybersecurity awareness.

1. The World Went (Mostly) Virtual

Chances are, your business has regained its footing and found its “new normal” since the pandemic shut the world down in 2020 and 2021. But the lesson we learned was eye-opening: You have to be prepared for the unexpected.

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Now that the dust has settled, we’ve seen a rise in remote workers. Telecommuting is part of the job, whether your employees are working from home, traveling on business trips, or connecting through multiple offices.

Cybercriminals have gotten better and better at hiding their schemes. Their methods look suspiciously normal. If your staff doesn’t know what to watch for, it will be easy for them to open your business up to attack. Clicking a link they think is from you or someone else in the company, opening an email, or visiting an unsecured site may only take seconds, but the consequences will be far-reaching and long-lasting.

By having your employees educated on the most pressing cybersecurity issues, you can help raise their awareness, recognize threats, and respond appropriately.

2. You’re Required To Follow Compliance Guidelines By Law

The government has cybersecurity regulations in place for small and medium businesses and large corporations through the Online Safety Act of 2021. If you don’t know what they are and you break any, you’re still subject to the penalties. Ignorance is not an excuse.

With cybersecurity awareness, you become knowledgeable about the guidelines and regulations in your area. For instance, if you have IT support in Brisbane, you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered in many of these requirements. However, there are things you or your employees can do unintentionally.

3. The Internet Is Everywhere

How many software platforms do you have on the cloud server in your workplace? Nearly everything is going cloud-based rather than in-house server-based and for a good reason. It makes a lot more sense for users to be able to access the information they need on any device as long as they have the proper login credentials.

But this technology, called the IoT (Internet of Things), is expanding so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with the security that goes alongside it. So, while you’re focused on boosting employee productivity through the innovative new software solution your business invested in, you may be overlooking some integral security openings.

It’s your role as a business manager or owner to ensure everyone is using their network privileges safely. Security awareness training helps you all do your duties to the fullest and safest potential.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.