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Future Predictions: Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

As firms rely more and more on technology, cyber security becomes more important. Today, business leaders must protect their networks.

They face threats from outside security attacks. For example, phishing attacks are common. They also face inside threats like lax security practices.

Also, decision-makers must contend with increasingly strict data rules. These forces are combining to compel companies to step up their network security measures. The concerns of today are shaping the decisions that leaders make concerning the future of cyber security.

Keep reading to learn future predictions about cyber security trends for 2022.

New Rules Will Change the Cyber Security Landscape

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act is shaking up businesses. The act establishes a new standard for data information privacy and security.

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Now, companies face a considerable challenge. They must secure data to ensure privacy. At the same time, they must ensure its appropriately accessible.

This responsibility is a complex task for information managers and company governance officials. However, looming SOX rule changes will provide some clarity for IT professionals who are struggling to meet this challenge. At the same time, they’re bracing for what’s forecast as a coming regulatory storm.

Cyber Insurance Will Get More Expensive

The modern digital threat landscape is complex. Insurers must respond to changing conditions.

In part, cyber security insurers will meet this challenge by awarding companies that take the right steps to mitigate threats. They’ll offer premium discounts directly related to the actions that organizations take to protect their networks.

With this in mind, insurers will get more directly involved in shaping future digital security requirements. Companies will face unprecedented scrutiny when applying for insurance and negotiating coverage rates.

More Hackers Will Target VPNs

Hackers reach for low-hanging fruit. There’ll be an increase in cyber security attacks on unpatched VPN and endpoint vulnerabilities.

It can prove tedious to upgrade firmware for endpoint and VPN appliances. IT professionals must test networks thoroughly before rolling out a patch. They must also complete this process during a carefully scheduled maintenance window.

Hackers are well aware of this vulnerability. As a result, you’ll find that more of them take advantage of unpatched networks to launch cyber attacks throughout the year.

Cryptocurrency Security Attacks Will Rise

Cryptocurrency is anonymous and unregulated. As a result, digital currency is a very attractive asset for hackers.

Throughout 2021, there were many high-profile and high-value cryptocurrency thefts. The surging value of digital currency has fueled this trend. As the value of cryptocurrency increases, it’s likely that the thefts will rise in tandem.

Moving Forward

As we move forward, there’s a considerable uptake of cloud resources. Many companies have embraced the cloud to support a remote workplace as we weather the fallout of COVID-19.

As with all other digital assets, there’s been growing concerns about the security of cloud-based technology. Now, cyber resiliency is a top buzzword.

It’s coming up regularly in conversations about transitioning network resources to the cloud. Companies that address this concern will come out on top.

Changing Perspectives

Today, organizations are more vulnerable to network attacks than ever before. There’s a shift toward digitization, remote work, and a reliance on a global supply chain.

These circumstances have compelled companies to take cybercrime much more seriously. Now, company leaders recognize the importance of establishing a framework for resilient cyber security.

With this in mind, you’ll want to keep an eye out for our predicted trends for the coming year. You also want to take the steps needed to secure your network. As a decision-maker, it’s critical to continue reading up on cyber security planning and compliance.

Stay In the Know about Emerging Tech Trends

Hopefully, our short overview has helped you to see the importance of cyber security. We hope it’s also shown you must protect your organization from security attacks.

Things are always changing when it comes to cyber security for small businesses and other technologies. It’s a good idea to stay in the know about what changes are to come.

Please feel free to visit our Tools & Resources section to learn more about technologies that might affect your business.


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