Dapoer Kita; The Best Homemade Indonesian Food in Dubai

If you are looking to taste the best of Indonesian cuisine in Dubai, take the Metro to Karama Metro Station. On 5 minutes walking distance you will find Dapoer Kita Indonesian restaurant where homemade Indonesian cuisine is served.

The reason for Dapoer Kita to be in Spotlight at StartupGuys.net is that it’s run by a mompreneur and she started it as inspired by her own experience, turning a hobby into an adventure and then a business model.

Her recipes are special coming from a mix Indonesian family cultures which she blended to come up with her very own and unique products. Dubai being an expats hub is a place where everyone loves the true taste of homemade cuisine and Dapoer Kita serves that purpose not only for Indonesian community but also for all those who want to taste the best of Indonesian food.


The Owner’s Words:
Dapoer Kita is an Indonesian restaurant which literally means “Our Kitchen”. Opened on 1st July 2012, inspired by my own experience in the world of cookery where a hobby becomes an adventure of fun. It was my husband who popped the idea of generating what I love to become the mission of my carrier.

Indonesia has more than 13,000 islands, consisting of hundreds of distinct native ethnic groups and all this makes the country a whole new world of food to discover. Living in Dubai with my own little family where it’s home far away from home, has inspired me to create a homemade dishes by preserving its original taste and would love to introduce it to everyone who love to discover Indonesian cuisine and still feel at home.

What Makes Dapoer Kita Special:
The quality of ingredients make a huge different and the restaurant serves a wide range selection of menu coming from many different ethnic set ups.

Dapoer Kita Website: https://dapoerkita.com/