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Data Encryption & Better Pathways: Why is it Important to Have the Best Network Design for Your Business?

It starts with planning; all good things do. If you want the best network design for your business, you must know what you are doing from the start. Trouble is that in a world where technology won’t stand still, you cannot do it alone.

For instance, a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) will improve application performance, lower WAN costs, and assure your business’s continuity. But, you cannot shop intelligently for a SD-WAN provider without some goals in mind.

Start with Data Encryption and Better Pathways

Wide Area Networks (WAN) have driven businesses for some time. But, they are not up to today’s traffic issues. The congestion creates problems in calling, conferencing, streaming, and performance. The remedy has usually been to expand the WAN’s capacity despite the expense and management problems.

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SD-WAN refers to application placed in remote locations: retail stores, branch offices, cloud sources, and more. Brandon Butler of Network World predicts businesses will increasingly see value in SD-WAN: “This ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs make SD-WAN an attractive option for many businesses.”

The SD-WAN improves your quality of service (QoS) when it reduces WAN traffic. It “knows” how to send traffic to the quickest route between any two points. This simplifies IT deployment, administration, and troubleshooting. And, this reduces short- and long-term costs to you.

As important, SD-WAN assures data encryption from end-to-end, user-to-user, location-to-location across networks and internet. The network uses a key to authenticate devices and encrypts all its traffic.

How to recognize the best SD-WAN network design for your business

  • Control Central: You are looking for easy management even where the infrastructure is complicated for the layperson. An easy-to-navigate management console should visualize the network’s connectivity.
  • Easy Expansion: From your central SD-WAN HQ, you must design, deliver, and administer functioning. The SD-WAN must expand easily to new locations without further cost.
  • Lay Lingo: You want the comfort of reading apps, users, performance, and security issues in lay person language. To retain control and value, you must have a chance to get past the tech-savvy terminology and jargon.
  • Cost Control: A Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) carries data on high-performance telecommunications networks. MPLS labels packets of data and decides where to forward it. SD-WAN will eliminate such costs and speed the data flow. Moreover, the network reliability reduces the chance and cost of brownouts. Overall savings reach 90%.
  • Scalable Bandwidth: With SD-WAN, you can broaden your bandwidth, add installations, and makes changes at will to ensure key applications get the pathways they need. Writing for Forbes, Jason Blomberg says, “if companies need to adjust which traffic goes over which connection, or establish granular rules about who can leverage which services over which network, admins can configure and manage all such choices from a simple dashboard.”

Why It’s Important to Have the Best Network Design for Your Business

Small and growing businesses need exceptional support on decision making, implementation, and support. An early decision to pursue an SD-WAN architecture provides security from the start and enhances your position in future decisions.

Given today’s emphasis on remote mobility, an effective SD-WAN will ensure performance across networks and devices, keeping employee and customes happy. With increased visibility into the network, you can administer changes, security, and costs.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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